At our recent doctor appointment, we saw a new doctor, Dr. P, and thankfully I really like him.  I’m not sure if I like him as much as I did Dr. R, but he’s still great.

Dr. P measured my bump and then put the cold goo on my belly.  Soon he was looking baby’s heart beat and couldn’t find it due to machine malfunction.  He got another doppler machine from the room next door and then within seconds we could hear the beautiful sound.  Beating at 153 bpm (beats per minute), our little one has a strong heart.  The goo was wiped off and then we went to Dr. P’s office to discuss my lab results and my due date.  All my labs came back normal and then Dr. P said something that made me laugh… “I have a problem with your due date.” Then he went on to explain how they calculate a due date.  He then said, “I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”, which is the part that made me laugh, to which my response was, “then we have the right doctor.”

I asked Dr. P if we could have our 20 ultrasound and appointment early since we’re taking leave to visit family back home.  He looked at our dates we’ll be on vacation and said that would be fine and even gave me a little slip stating so.  We said our goodbyes and see you next times and then made our way out of the hospital to call to schedule our ultrasound and 20 week appointment.

Unfortunately my little permission slip that Dr. P gave me wasn’t sufficient enough to schedule the ultrasound early.  Bummer… So we have to wait until we get back from our vacation to do that… BUT… and this is a big but,  we’re going this Thursday to find out what baby is.  Yup, this Thursday we’re going to a 3D ultrasound place where they do special gender scans.  We do have to pay out-of-pocket but it’s minimal and we wanted to find out what our little one is prior to our trip home so we can tell everyone we visit face to face.  YAY!!!  I can’t wait.

While I haven’t cried at any of my appointments yet, I have a strong feeling I will then.

Jessica Fawn
Jessica Fawn

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