I haven’t posted in a long while, and I apologize.  I’m going to try my hardest to post more often…  Especially with our little one growing everyday.

Speaking of our little one… we got to see him/her today.

I hate calling our little peanut “it”. . .  I really do.  I’ve starting calling him/her Baby H.  Why?  Well we’re naming Baby H after Matt’s Great-Aunt Hattie.  If Baby H is a boy, he’ll be Holden, and if Baby H is a girl, she’ll be Hannah.  🙂  We’ve had these names decided for a while now, long before finding out our little one existed.

We had our first official appointment today.  While I’ve been told Tripler is a pain, I hadn’t been there but once and the largest “pain” mentioned was parking.  We came up the hill and saw a bunch of cars had hopped the curb to park where they could, one guy even getting stuck doing so.  Matt dropped me off at the double door entry and went to find a spot.  I wrote a quick tweet and then saw Matt coming into the building already.  He had found a spot, and a real close one too.

We followed the OB signs and soon were taking a number.  We only waited maybe 5-7 minutes and we were being called already.  We walked back with the nurse, my vitals were taken, and then it was time to wait again.  Thankfully it wasn’t for long.  Dr. R came in and I immediately liked him.  He asked all the common questions; “Are you a smoke?”, “Are you a drinker?”, “Are you in any pain?”.  Then asked a very general one, “How are you feeling?”  I answered very honestly.  “I’m nervous.”  His response, “About being pregnant?”  “Oh, no.” I said, “I just want to make sure I’m still pregnant.”  He then said, with a smile, “We’ll confirm that.”

He then did what Docs do, checked my breathing and heart and then asked me to lay back.  Soon he was squeezing a cold goo onto my belly and moving a Doppler device across my lower belly.  He explained that if he’s unable to find the heartbeat, he’ll then do an ultrasound and if he’s still having trouble, he’ll do an ultrasound vaginally.

As he moved the doppler against my belly and moved it lower and pushed a little, I felt time was standing still.   I just looked at the ceiling and told myself, “please still be there… please find the heartbeat.”  As time passed, Dr. R was unable to find our little one.  He cleaned the goo off my belly and told me I could sit back up.  He was going to step outside and have one of the nurses bring the ultrasound machine in.

Soon he was back and setting up the machine.  He explained that unfortunately he’d have to face the screen away from me until he found it… then he’d show me.  This also meant everyone in the room but me was going to see first.  Dr. R put more goo on my belly and then worked his magic.  Soon he was saying, “there is a baby in there.”  Unfortunately the sound wasn’t working on the machine.  Along with myself, Matt, and Dr. R was a student and a nurse.  The student was really sweet and very professional.  He soon said, “You see his head” and pointed at the screen.  Matt was able to see and said “He’s moving around like crazy.”  Matt then said, “That’s what she wants, a he.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  The student doctor said, “oh no… that’s not a definitive he/she statement.”  We knew what he meant.  It’s far to early to know what our little one will be.  Soon I saw our little one and had a picture in my hand.

Not long after the happy part of my appointment was over, my exam continued and then we were on our way.  Our next appointment will be the 16 week one and a mere four weeks later we’ll be able to find out what we’re having.

Until then, here’s Baby H.

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Jessica Fawn
Jessica Fawn

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