Praying for all those trying to flee Afghanistan, our military service members and allies.

Photo credit: PH2 Alex Witte

Seeing all the chaos is chilling and heartbreaking.

If you are feeling helpless around what’s happening in Afghanistan or feel guilty about the blessings you have, I encourage you to consider donating to The Nazarene Fund or Women for Women International.

The Nazarene Fund is conducting a massive extraction effort in Afghanistan. As of their last update, they’ve helped 680 people escape. They will continue working night and day to help as many people as possible. Multiple planes are ready to move, as they have thousands to get out.

Women for Women International is focused on supporting women inside Afghanistan and at-risk women’s rights activists who need to evacuate. If you would like to volunteer to host/support a newly arriving refugee family, please contact one of your local refugee settlement agencies. Resettlement in the US is managed on a city-by-city basis.

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