Y-U-C-K, YUCK!!!

I just got home about an hour ago to a very sour smell in my house. Last time this happened I found a little shriveled up and dead shrew in the outside room where part of ac unit lives. I was able to dispose of it and after a couple of hours with the windows open the smell went away, thankfully. Today this wasn’t the case. Since the last time, new stuff has been installed in that same room outside. I took everything I could out, which was minor things like gardening tools, and looked everywhere, hoping nothing was dead under all the ac equipment that I wouldn’t be able to move.
I searched high and low all over the house before deciding to call the housing office to send someone over in case something had crawled into one of the air ducts and died. The man on the other line starting asking me questions like, “Have you left something smelly in your garbage?”, “Do you have anything burning in the oven?”…. to which I replied, “No, I took the trash out last night.” and “No, I just got home so I’m not cooking or burning anything.” He said he’d call one of the contractors to be over within a couple of hours.
The smell was driving me nuts. It dissipated towards the back of the house which made me think it had to be something in the living room, dining room, or kitchen…. or in the ducts in those areas. I had to do something. So like last time, I went outside to the little room and found nothing after taking everything out. I then returned inside to open every window to air the smelly-ness out of my house. I turned on every Scentsy burner I had and prayed the wax I had in them would melt quickly to get something smelling yummy into the air. As I walked into the kitchen I thought, “ok, while I wait, I’ll wash the one glass I have in my sink.” OH MY!!!! That’s when I found the smells location.
A. Shrew. Had. Crawled. Thru. My. Kitchen. Sink’s. Pipe. And. Into. My. Garbage. Disposal. And. Decided. To. Die!

What could I do? I wasn’t about to stick my hand in there and get it out…. what was I to do….? So I thought “What the hell?”, turned the water on, covered it with a plate and flicked the switch on!!! When I turned it off after about 30 seconds, the smell wasn’t nearly as bad anymore. I took some bleach and poured it down the drain to take any of the smell away with what went down the drain. I then called the housing office to let them know not to send anyone over. I had found the source of the smell and got rid of it.

I’m now sitting here in a much better smelling and much cooler house. I’m a bit proud of myself and feel a bit like superwoman for being able to take care of it. But still, YUCK!!!!







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