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I’m in Seoul, Korea now. I just got off the flight from Fukuoka, Japan. It was only a little over an hour. My flight from Guam to Fukuoka was nice and smooth. I slept most of the way and was fed some scrambled eggs, garlic fried rice, a sausage link, some fruit and orange juice. I didn’t like the rice that much, I’m not much of a rice fan in general, but the rest wasn’t too bad. The food on my flight here, to Korea, was in no way shape or form American. There was sushi, some weird green noodles, wasabi (a hug scoop of it), a itty bitty piece of fruit, and some egg roll looking thing. I tried all of if. I’m not one to pass up food and I’ll try anything once. I didn’t like any of it but the itty bitty tiny piece of honey-dew melon.
The flight attendants were very pleasant. They didn’t speak much english other than “thank you”, “good morning”, or “good-bye” but they tried. I didn’t need help but I pity the person that ever does. They all looked the same. Not in a bad way, but the same. They all had their black hair twisted into a perfect bun in the back on their head and wore the cutest aprons when serving our food. These aprons were unlike anything I had ever seen an airline employee wear. Typically they’re plain but these had beautiful stitched flowers from the waist down to the hem which was just above the knee. Very ornate stitching too…
Ok enough about the aprons. My stomach is a little upset from what I did eat. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried everything. Then again maybe my stomach is dealing with nerves too.

I’ll write more soon. I should probably try to find some food I can eat or some Tums to help ease my tummy.






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