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Everyone knows that I’m a bit of a Twilight Addict…. and I find nothing wrong with that. I recently bought a bunch of stamp sets that were Twilight inspired and gave them as gifts to some of my closest fellow addicts.

Yesterday, Michelle, a fellow addict, called me and asked if I would come over to her place really quick (she lives a block from me). I put my shoes on and was out the door. As soon as I got into the house I saw her and two of my other friends KerryAnn and Sheila. Michelle then handed me a little package wrapped with a bow. I smiled and asked, “What did you do?” She said, “This is from me & KerryAnn.” I untied the bow and took out a cute little metal tin. Inside was a bracelet exactly like the one Bella was given in Eclipse (the third book in the Twilight Saga for those that haven’t read the series). To show how much I love it, here’s an excerpt from the book where Jacob gives Bella the bracelet and then a second excerpt where Edward gives his part too. 🙂 Enjoy!


 Wonderful gift... | JessicaFawn.com

Page 374 & 375
“Hey, you said you made me something, right?” I asked. “Was that just talk? Where’s my present?” My attempt to fake enthusiasm was pretty sad, but it worked. He rolled his eyes and then grimaced at me.
I kept up the lame pretense, holding my hand open in front of me. “I’m waiting.”
“Right,” he grumbled sarcastically. But he also reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a small bag of a loose-woven, multi-colored fabric. It was tied shut with leather drawstrings. He set it on my palm.
“Hey, that’s pretty, Jake. Thanks!”
He sighed. “The present is inside, Bella.”
I had some trouble with the strings. He sighed again and took it from me, sliding the ties open with one easy tug of the right cord. I held my hand out for it, but he turned the bag upside down and shook something silver into my hand. Metal links clinked quietly against each other.
“I didn’t make the bracelet,” he admitted. “Just the charm.”
Fastened to one of the links of the silver bracelet was a tiny wooden carving. I held it between my fingers to look at it closer. It was amazing the amount of detail involved in the little figurine- the miniature wolf was utterly realistic. It was even carved out of some red-brown wood that matched to the color of his skin.
“It’s beautiful,” I whispered. “You made this? How?”
He shrugged. “It’s something Billy taught me. He’s better at it that I am.”
“That’s hard to believe,” I murmured, turning the tiny wolf around and around in my fingers.
“Do you really like it?”
“Yes! It’s unbelievable, Jake.”
He smiled, happily at first, but then the expression soured. “Well, I figured that maybe it would make you remember me once in a while. You know how it is, out of sight, out of mind.”
I ignored the attitude. “Here, help me put it on.”
I held out my left wrist, since the right was stuck in the brace. He fastened the catch easily, though it looked too delicate for his big fingers to manage.
“You’ll wear it?” he asked.
“Of course I will.”
He grinned at me- it was the happy smile that I loved to see him wear.


Page 411-413
I sat down with my breakfast, and he sat next to me. When I lifted the Pop-Tart to take the first bite, I noticed him staring at my hand. I looked down, and saw that I was still wearing the gift that Jacob had given me at the party.
“May I?” he asked, reaching for the tiny wooden wolf.
I swallowed noisily. “Um, sure.”
He moved his hand under the charm bracelet and balanced the little figurine in his snowy palm. For a fleeting moment, I was afraid. Just the slightest twist of his fingers could crush it into splinters.
But of course Edward wouldn’t do that. I was embarrassed I’d even had the thought. He only weighed the wolf in his palm for a moment, and then let if fall. It swung lightly from my wrist.
I tried to read the expression in his eyes. All I could see was thoughtfulness; he kept everything else hidden, if there was anything else.
“Jacob Black can give you presents.”
It wasn’t a question, or an accusation. Just a statement of fact. But I knew he was referring to my last birthday and the fit I’d thrown over gifts; I hadn’t wanted any. Especially not from Edward. It wasn’t entirely logical, and, of course, everyone had ignored me anyway…
“You’ve given me presents,” I reminded him. “You know I like the homemade kind.”
He pursed his lips for a second. “How about hand-me-downs? Are those acceptable?”
“What do you mean?”
“This bracelet.” His finger traced a circle around my wrist. “You’ll be wearing this a lot?”
I shrugged.
“Because you wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings,” he suggested shrewdly.
“Sure, I guess so.”
“Don’t you think it’s fair, then,” he asked, looking down at my hand as we spoke. He turned it palm up, and ran his fingers along the veins in my wrist. “If I have a little representation?”
“A charm- something to keep me on your mind.”
“You’re in every thought I have. I don’t need reminders.”
“If I gave you something, would you wear it?” he pressed.
“A hand-me-down?”
“Yes, something I’ve had for a while.” He smiled his angel’s smile.
If this was the only reaction to Jacob’s gift, I would take it gladly. “Whatever makes you happy.”
“Have you noticed the inequality?” he asked, and his voice turned accusing. “Because I certainly have.”
“What inequality?”
His eyes narrowed. “Everyone else is able to get away with giving you things. Everyone but me. I would have loved to get your a graduation present, but I didn’t. I knew it would have upset you more than if anyone else did. That’s utterly unfair. How do you explain yourself?”
“Easy.” I shrugged. “You’re more important that everyone else. And you’ve given me you. That’s already more than I deserve and anything else you give me just throws us more out of balance.
He processed that for a moment, and then rolled his eyes. “The way you regard me is ludicrous.”
I chewed my breakfast calmly. I knew he wouldn’t listen if I told him that he had that backward.

Wonderful gift... | JessicaFawn.com


Page 437-439

He set me gently on my feet. I wrapped both my arms around him, refusing to allow any space between us.
“I have something for you,” he said, his tone conversational.
“Your hand-me-down, remember? You said that was allowable.”
“Oh, that’s right. I guess I did say that.”
He chuckled at my reluctance.
“It’s up in my room. Shall I go get it?”
His bedroom? “Sure,” I agreed, feeling quite devious as I would my fingers through his. “Let’s go.”
He must have been eager to give me my non-present, because human velocity was not fast enough for him. He scooped me up again and nearly flew up the stairs to his room. He set me down at the door, and darted into his closet.
He was back before I’d taken a step, but I ignored him and went to the huge gold bed, plopping down on the edge and then sliding to the center. I curled up in a ball, my arms wrapped around my knees.
“Okay,” I grumbled. Now that I was where I wanted to be, I could afford a little reluctance. “Let me have it.”
Edward laughed.
He climbed onto the bed to sit next to me, and my heart thumped unevenly. Hopefully he would write that off as some reaction to him giving me presents.
“A hand-me-down,” he reminded me sternly. He pulled my left wrist away from my leg, and touched the silver bracelet for just a moment. Then he gave me my arm back.
I examined it cautiously. On the opposite side of the chain from the wolf, there now hung a brilliant heart shaped crystal. It was cut in a million facets, so that even in the subdued light shining from the lamp, it sparkled. I inhaled in a low grasp.
“It was my mother’s.” He shrugged deprecatingly. “I inherited quite a few baubles like this. I’ve given some to Esme and Alice both. So, clearly, this is not a big deal in any way.”
I smiled ruefully at this assurance.
“But I thought it was a good representation,” he continued. “It’s hard and cold.” He laughed. “And it throws rainbows in the sunlight.”
“You forgot the most important similarity,” I murmured. “It’s beautiful.”
“My heart is just as silent,” he mused. “And it, too is yours.”
I twisted my wrist so the heart would glimmer. “Thank you. For both.”

“No, thank you. It’s a relief to have you accept a gift so easily. Good practice for you, too.” He grinned, flashing his teeth.
Wonderful gift... | JessicaFawn.com
The bracelet even came with a Certificate of Authenticity. 🙂 Love it!!!
Wonderful gift... | JessicaFawn.com








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