What a looooong day…

I’ll start by saying, if you don’t want to read anything with a bit too much info, just skip reading this post.

Yesterday started off like any other… I got up, had breakfast, logged on to FB, checked my email… all normal things.  I had to make a trip to the mall to return something and asked my friend, E, to meet me there just in case I went into labor.  I don’t want to be by myself in public if/when that happens.  E & her daughter (which I love soooo much) met me there and after I did what I came to do, had lunch at the mall’s food court.  A pretty normal boring day for any average person, right?

I had a scheduled 38 week appointment at 2:30 PM at the hospital, which sadly Matt was unable to attend because he had to go to a meeting for one of the guys in his office.  Sad, but understandable.  I left our house, which is very close to the hospital at 1:45.  Why so early?  Well, parking is never easy.  I say, “never”, and the day I leave so early, I find a spot super quick.  Before yesterday, I didn’t have a “Stork pass” (which is for prego gals like me that are 34+ weeks pregnant) for one of the super close spots (I mean, right next to the handicap parking, close).  Before yesterday, whenever we would go to the hospital, Matt would just drop me off, I’d walk (more like waddle) into the hospital, take a number & do the waiting thing while he parked and then came in after me.  Before yesterday, there was the option of valet, but it’s always full, and I mean, FULL…  So I left the house early.  Wouldn’t you?

I get there, find my spot, park, grab my purse and I’m soon taking a number, filling out what meds I’m taking and sitting down in the waiting room along with 8-12 other pregnant gals and their spouses.  I’m the only one without her spouse, which surprises me, again, seeing as this is an Army hospital and most of the time no one is without their hubby.
I look up at the TV, and what channel do they have on?  The Food Network, no joke.  How cruel could they be?  It’s always set to that channel every time I have an appointment.  Thankfully I had just had a nice lunch with E and there weren’t any gals with severe morning sickness having any issues.

My name was called about 25 minutes later (I was early after all), by Lucy, a nice nurse.  My vitals were checked.  I’ve gained 29.5 lbs (which I’m content with), my temp was good, but (and here’s the but) my blood pressure was a little high.  Lucy asked if it’s ever been high before, which it hasn’t, EVER, and then she said she’d check in again before the doctor came to see me.  I was told I could wait back in the waiting room, as they were over booked with appointments today and it wouldn’t be long.

I waited for another 10-15 minutes and then heard Lucy call my name again, butchering it, a usual.

We made our way to the exam room, she put the cuff on me again and sure enough, my blood pressure had risen even more.  I asked her what could cause this and she said “A number of things.  Is this your first baby?”  I answered, “yes” and then she said “It’s pretty common for first time moms to have elevated blood pressure.”  This made me feel a little better but I was still nervous.

The doctor came in, a nice older looking man with a sweet smile and nice bedside manner, and asked me how I was feeling.  I told him I was good, which I was, and then he asked me if I’d been having any symptoms of labor.  Honestly, I had no idea, which I said, and then he asked about vision problems, shortness of breath, pain.  I had seen spots while taking a shower but other than that, nothing major.

The doctor then looked at my chart and said, “so you were dilated at 3 cm two weeks ago, huh kiddo?”  To which I responded with a yes.  He then said “Ok, lets check you and baby out.”  He was very kind and explained everything he was going to do before doing it.  “I’m going to push on your belly…” “This is going to be cold…”  “A little bit of pressure here…”

He saw that Holden is still head down (thank goodness) and that his heart rate was good (151 bpm).  Then came the cervix check.  Oh-good-Lord does that hurt.  This was only the second time I’d had it checked, and it still wasn’t anymore comfortable.  The poor doctor said more than once, “I promise, I’m not trying to hurt you.”  I told him, I understood, and then he gave me the results of the check.  I was now 4 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby Holden was at -1 station.  The doctor then told me this was good and I was in a good position to possibly have the baby.  He was concerned about my blood pressure so he wanted to send me to Labor & Delivery to have some tests run.

I made my way to the front of the hospital, where I made a quick call to tell Matt the situation, then I was on my way up to the 6th floor.  I checked in at the Triage desk, where they asked me to pee in a cup (oh fun) and then have a seat.  Matt arrived shortly after and then we sat and waited.  After about 25 minutes we were in a room, I was hooked up to a machine to monitor babies heart and a cuff was put around my arm to check my blood pressure every 10 minutes.  A nurse came in and took my blood (apparently I’m a “good bleeder”) and then we waited some more… a bit over two hours.

A doctor came in and apologized for the wait, apparently a lot of babies were being born, and explained what my situation was.  My lab results came back normal, but he wanted to send me home with an “all day pee test”.  They were concerned that I might have pre-eclampsia.  After peeing in a bucket all day today, I’ll return to the hospital tomorrow, have more tests done, and then we’ll see where we’re at.

Matt and I made our way home (after Matt stopped at the mini NEX to pick up ice for our cooler… my pee is not going in our fridge, yuck) and boy, were we exhausted.

Now I sit, hoping my tests come back normal tomorrow.  Until then… I’m making cookies and relaxing today.

Are you pregnant?  If so, have you experienced a test like my “all day pee test”?

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