Welcome Home & Thankful

Matt came home yesterday and I’m so happy to have him home… not only has it been a long time since he’s been home, but it’s also Thanksgiving and we haven’t had Thanksgiving together since moving to Guam almost three years ago. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so it’ll be wonderful to have my honey home to celebrate with.
I’ve already prepared a ton of my menu and the turkey is in the oven as I type. My green bean casserole is on deck and potatoes have been cut, put in a big pot full of water, and are ready for me to turn the burner on. Here are some pictures of my prep…

 Welcome Home & Thankful | JessicaFawn.com

My dinner tables, ready.

 Welcome Home & Thankful | JessicaFawn.com

Turkey roasting… YUM-O!

 Welcome Home & Thankful | JessicaFawn.com

Ina Garten’s Apple Pear Crisp. Can’t wait to dig into it!!!

 Welcome Home & Thankful | JessicaFawn.com

Yummy Potato Rolls… I had to try one.

 Welcome Home & Thankful | JessicaFawn.com

All my serving dishes ready for food to fill them. Can’t wait!!!

We’re having a bunch of Matt’s guys over tonight for dinner so it’ll be nice to have a full house. We usually have them over for Christmas dinner but this year we’ll be able to have them over for Turkey Day and Christmas. I have so much to be thankful for this year.

I’m thankful for my wonderful Jack & Tess. Yes, they’re my dogs, but they keep me sane when I would be pulling my hair out some days. I’m thankful for my health. I’m thankful to Stephenie Meyer for creating such a wonderful world, the Twilight World. It has been such a wonderful year with high anticipation for the New Moon movie. It was fabulous and I can’t wait for Eclipse come June. I’m thankful for my friends. I’ve met several new friends this year and have continued wonderful friendships with friends I’ve had for years. My friends on island have really become family since moving so far away. I’m thankful for my dearest friend Liz. She recently moved to D.C. but I know no matter the distance she’ll continue to be like a sister to me and I’m so thankful for her friendship. I don’t know where I’d be without her. I’m thankful for all my fellow Twilight Addicts…. Thanks for joining me at the midnight showings, sharing any new news, and watching the movies with me over and over and over again. You all know who you are. I’m thankful for my family. Aunt Jeri, she’s such a loving person. When we get to talk on the phone, the time difference makes it a little difficult, I could talk to her for hours on end. Her voice makes me smile long after our call ends. She’s taught me so much about entertaining and preparing great meals. When I set my table, whether it’s for 12 or 2, I think of her and all of her great advice. I’m so far away from my family but whenever I talk with them it’s as if I’m just a couple of doors down. I have the best family in the whole world. Yes, I’m very biased because no one has my family but they are mine and I’m so grateful to have them. The last and most important thing I’m thankful for…. My wonderful husband, Matt. He sacrifices so much for us, our country, and our countries freedom. It takes a very strong person to live on a submarine for as long as he does. He’s so kind, loving, and such a wonderful person. I’m proud to be his wife.

On this Thanksgiving I wish everyone the best and hope you share what you’re thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!







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