Twilight Saga: New Moon

While doing random errands around the house today, I thought I’d call the movie theater to find out when the tickets for Twilight Saga: New Moon would go on sale. I called and the guy at the theater told me they were already on sale. I asked him when they starting selling tickets and he said, “yesterday.” I immediately thought, “oh my gosh, I’d better go buy mine cause I know they’ll sell out before long”.
I got in my car and decided to stop by my friend Michelle’s house to see if she wanted me to buy her ticket too. While pulling up to her house I noticed a few other cars in the drive. Good thing I stopped because three of the people who planned on going to the same show were wanting me to pick up tickets. 🙂

I got to the theater and requested “six tickets for the midnight showing of New Moon, please”. The gal behind the glass looked at me like I was crazy but asked if I had a military ID. I did and showed her and she gave me the military price for all 6 ticket, which they usually don’t unless you have all 6 IDs. She then gave me my tickets and I was out the door a happy gal.


 Twilight Saga: New Moon |

Can’t wait!!!







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