Trying to get on a flight…

Now that Matt is in Hawaii and has been for a while now, I’ve decided to fly out and see him. Sound easy enough right? Well, not so much when your flying via Space A, also known as a Mac Flight. It’s FREE so I can’t complain, really.

There was a flight supposed to go out this morning at 0-dark-thirty. I got the pups all ready to head to their new homes for the time that I’m away. Jack was at my neighbors and I was on my way to my friend Sheila’s house to drop Tess off when I decided to call the passenger terminal to check on the flight.

Yup, it had been canceled. So, I let Sheila know what was going on and then called Jeremy & Carrie to let them know as well. Tess and I go back into the car for a short ride home. Tess loves going for a ride anyway so she was super excited. When I got home, I walked across the street to get my not so little buddy Jack.

Now as I’m typing this there is another flight heading to Hawaii. I’m not getting my hopes up as it could change as I’m typing. It’s set to go this evening, so we’ll see.

Wish me luck and I’ll write more after I get to the beautiful islands… 🙂







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