Thunder and lightning, oh my!!!

Last night Matt and I were enjoying each others company and a good movie while outside a good storm was brewing. It is the rainy season here in Guam so rain is to be expected and boy did we get some rain. It came down hard and even sideways. About 30 minutes before our movie was over flashes of lightning came along as did its partner thunder. The dogs weren’t all to pleased about that. Matt and I love a good storm.
Just before our movie was over the storm was just over us. With each flash of lightning a crack soon followed sometimes at the same time. I attempted to take the dogs out to do their business but they wanted nothing to do with the storm. They stayed right on my heels as I walked them under the little overhang around our house trying to stay as dry as possible. They soon found a patch of grass suitable and did what they needed too. Once they were done we found our way back in the house soaked.
We quickly began unplugging our beloved computers and turned our air conditioning up just in case we lost power. Good thing too, because just minutes after unplugging the power flickered and then went out completely. Soon we were lighting candles and moving around the house with flashlights. Matt had to set his alarm on his watch just in case the power didn’t come back on in time for him to head off to work.
It got pretty warm in the house rather quickly and having a heater for a dog doesn’t help when you’re trying to sleep either. I had to kick Jack out of bed because he was just too hot against my back.
Luckily the power returned over night so Matt was able to take a shower and get ready like normal.







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