… the tsunami is still being felt…

My day started like most…  woke early, had my coffee, logged into FB & Twitter.  Matt was going to be home early because we had a command party to go to.  Since our boys were gone during the holidays, we weren’t able to have our holiday party during the holidays.  The party was postponed… and rescheduled… and postponed again.  We finally had a date scheduled… then the earthquake hit Japan and along with it, the tsunami warning.

We were told not to worry and headed to the party.  After being told sirens were going off on base, we quickly decided to go home.  We were only at the party for about 20 minutes.

About 30 minutes after getting home, our neighbor’s son came over saying his mom needed Matt.  Apparently some of the lines at the pier had snapped due to a drop of the water.  Two boats, including my husband’s, were attached to those lines.  Soon, the boats were adrift.

We were quickly in the car and headed to the pier.  Matt has been there for quite a few hours now… it’s been a long night and I don’t think it’s going to get better anytime soon.  While we haven’t had any large waves the tsunami is still being felt…






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