Now vlogging…

Hi there!

After a bunch of thought, I decided to jump into vlogging a bit. I’ll still be writing here as well, but thought some posts might be easier with video.

I’ve been wanting to give a tour of our house for a while. Why? Well, there may be someone moving to the area with a boat coming to the yard or a new Coastie family moving to the Coast Guard station and a bunch of other reasons. I’m the type of person that wants to know as much about a place as possible before I move there and videos always help. Hopefully mine will help those trying to decide whether they want to live in the Military/Privatized housing or out in the economy.

Now, I’ll be honest, and I’m always honest here… If I had to do it over, I would not have moved into this house.

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Feedback for new series needed

I’m working on putting together a series of posts about the military housing we’ve lived in.  The series will include pictures, layouts, and info about the housing offices, the move-in and move-out process and much more.

We’ve lived in housing in the following locations so far;

  • Groton, CT
  • Santa Rita, GU
  • Pearl Harbor, HI

and coming soon, Kittery, ME just across the river from Portsmouth, NH.

I’d love your feedback about the series.

Do you have any specifics you want covered?  Questions?  Concerns you’ve heard about a specific place?

I’d love to hear it…  All of it and I’ll do my very best to address all of your comments.





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