A much needed moving vent…

I have to apologize now before you get any further in this post.  It’s going to be heavy on the whining and venting.  I may sound like a three-year old by the time this post ends so I do apologize.  Maybe it’ll make me feel better if I get it all out…  even if no one ends up reading it.  So here goes…

I want this move to be over.  NOW!!!!  Why can’t it be over and done??

(kicking and screaming on the floor)

I’m sick of the endless clutter on our countertops of stuff we need but that can’t truly be put away because the movers, for the second time, will be here tomorrow.  I’m tired of the nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something important.

I’m sooooo missing our nice comfy bed after sleeping almost a month on our Aerobed.   One or two nights, even three, would be ok.  My body is screaming at me for sleeping on it for close to a month.

I want our home back.  With all the blank walls and lack of furniture, the barking from our dogs is INSANE.  The constant echoes and volume is ear-piercing.

Thankfully it’s getting closer and closer to being over.

This afternoon, Matt takes his Jeep to Matson and I take the pups to the vet to get their health certificates for their flights on the 11th.

Tomorrow, the movers will be here to take whats left of our belongings (the not-so-comfy-after-sleeping-on-it-for-too-many-nights Aerobed, TV, kitchen essentials, toys, etc.).

Wednesday we take all of our suitcases, the pups and their crates, and the kid (of course) to the lodge on base, the Royal Alakai, where we’ll be staying until we leave island on the 14th.

In about a week the Hawaii part of the move will be done.  Then it’ll be onto the Maine part…

A visit with family in Sharon, MA, accepting our new temporary-home in Kittery, waiting for our HHG (household goods) to arrive, and then putting the house together again just to live in some form of normalcy for a short while just to turn around and do it all over again in about a year.  sigh.
For now, I’ll continue doing what I have been.  Take everything one day at a time and try not to stress about things I cannot do anything about.

I feel a bit better…

Are you moving/PCSing anytime soon?  What things do you hate about moving?

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11 days left in Hawaii

We’ve been without all of our HHG (household goods) since Dec 10th.  I’ve been without my Jeep since Nov 6th.

Let me just say how boring it gets without having all of my projects to work on.  It’s been nice having the break, but knowing I could be working on stuff for my shop makes me not only sad but also a tiny bit crazy.

What does one do without projects?

H and I have been spending a lot more time at the park, which we both love.  He enjoys going down the slide the most but the funny thing is, he only goes down the double slide with me right next to him.  He won’t go down the bumpy one of the squiggly one… it’s so cute.  He takes my hand and pulls me to the slide over and over and over again.

Dinner every night is a bit tricky.  I have to plan something really, and I mean REALLY, simple because again, I don’t have all my tools handy since they’re all on their way to Maine.

We only have 4 more nights left in our house and then we’ll be on our way to the Royal Alakai (read about our previous stay here).  Our final “express” pack out is on Tuesday and then we’ll do a cleanup of the house in time for our final inspection on Thursday.  It’ll be nice not having to worry about anymore pack outs.  We’ll bring the dogs to the airport next Saturday and then a few days later we follow them.

It’s going so very fast but I wish I could do a little wiggle of the nose I Dream of Jeannie style and just be there and settled.  How nice would that be?

… I haven’t cried…

At our recent doctor appointment, we saw a new doctor, Dr. P, and thankfully I really like him.  I’m not sure if I like him as much as I did Dr. R, but he’s still great.

Dr. P measured my bump and then put the cold goo on my belly.  Soon he was looking baby’s heart beat and couldn’t find it due to machine malfunction.  He got another doppler machine from the room next door and then within seconds we could hear the beautiful sound.  Beating at 153 bpm (beats per minute), our little one has a strong heart.  The goo was wiped off and then we went to Dr. P’s office to discuss my lab results and my due date.  All my labs came back normal and then Dr. P said something that made me laugh… “I have a problem with your due date.” Then he went on to explain how they calculate a due date.  He then said, “I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”, which is the part that made me laugh, to which my response was, “then we have the right doctor.”

I asked Dr. P if we could have our 20 ultrasound and appointment early since we’re taking leave to visit family back home.  He looked at our dates we’ll be on vacation and said that would be fine and even gave me a little slip stating so.  We said our goodbyes and see you next times and then made our way out of the hospital to call to schedule our ultrasound and 20 week appointment.

Unfortunately my little permission slip that Dr. P gave me wasn’t sufficient enough to schedule the ultrasound early.  Bummer… So we have to wait until we get back from our vacation to do that… BUT… and this is a big but,  we’re going this Thursday to find out what baby is.  Yup, this Thursday we’re going to a 3D ultrasound place where they do special gender scans.  We do have to pay out-of-pocket but it’s minimal and we wanted to find out what our little one is prior to our trip home so we can tell everyone we visit face to face.  YAY!!!  I can’t wait.

While I haven’t cried at any of my appointments yet, I have a strong feeling I will then.

… here’s Baby H.

I haven’t posted in a long while, and I apologize.  I’m going to try my hardest to post more often…  Especially with our little one growing everyday.

Speaking of our little one… we got to see him/her today.

I hate calling our little peanut “it”. . .  I really do.  I’ve starting calling him/her Baby H.  Why?  Well we’re naming Baby H after Matt’s Great-Aunt Hattie.  If Baby H is a boy, he’ll be Holden, and if Baby H is a girl, she’ll be Hannah.  🙂  We’ve had these names decided for a while now, long before finding out our little one existed.

We had our first official appointment today.  While I’ve been told Tripler is a pain, I hadn’t been there but once and the largest “pain” mentioned was parking.  We came up the hill and saw a bunch of cars had hopped the curb to park where they could, one guy even getting stuck doing so.  Matt dropped me off at the double door entry and went to find a spot.  I wrote a quick tweet and then saw Matt coming into the building already.  He had found a spot, and a real close one too.

We followed the OB signs and soon were taking a number.  We only waited maybe 5-7 minutes and we were being called already.  We walked back with the nurse, my vitals were taken, and then it was time to wait again.  Thankfully it wasn’t for long.  Dr. R came in and I immediately liked him.  He asked all the common questions; “Are you a smoke?”, “Are you a drinker?”, “Are you in any pain?”.  Then asked a very general one, “How are you feeling?”  I answered very honestly.  “I’m nervous.”  His response, “About being pregnant?”  “Oh, no.” I said, “I just want to make sure I’m still pregnant.”  He then said, with a smile, “We’ll confirm that.”

He then did what Docs do, checked my breathing and heart and then asked me to lay back.  Soon he was squeezing a cold goo onto my belly and moving a Doppler device across my lower belly.  He explained that if he’s unable to find the heartbeat, he’ll then do an ultrasound and if he’s still having trouble, he’ll do an ultrasound vaginally.

As he moved the doppler against my belly and moved it lower and pushed a little, I felt time was standing still.   I just looked at the ceiling and told myself, “please still be there… please find the heartbeat.”  As time passed, Dr. R was unable to find our little one.  He cleaned the goo off my belly and told me I could sit back up.  He was going to step outside and have one of the nurses bring the ultrasound machine in.

Soon he was back and setting up the machine.  He explained that unfortunately he’d have to face the screen away from me until he found it… then he’d show me.  This also meant everyone in the room but me was going to see first.  Dr. R put more goo on my belly and then worked his magic.  Soon he was saying, “there is a baby in there.”  Unfortunately the sound wasn’t working on the machine.  Along with myself, Matt, and Dr. R was a student and a nurse.  The student was really sweet and very professional.  He soon said, “You see his head” and pointed at the screen.  Matt was able to see and said “He’s moving around like crazy.”  Matt then said, “That’s what she wants, a he.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  The student doctor said, “oh no… that’s not a definitive he/she statement.”  We knew what he meant.  It’s far to early to know what our little one will be.  Soon I saw our little one and had a picture in my hand.

Not long after the happy part of my appointment was over, my exam continued and then we were on our way.  Our next appointment will be the 16 week one and a mere four weeks later we’ll be able to find out what we’re having.

Until then, here’s Baby H.

2011-06-03 1

… if you’re PCSing to/from Oahu!

*UPDATE 8/31/13*  We’ll be PCSing off island soon and needed to make reservations again. Unfortunately, the phone number I had, had been disconnected.  BIG SAD FACE.  So I made a trip over to the Lodge and asked for the new number and if I could make reservations in person.  Two things have changed in addition to the phone number. (1) You MUST have orders in order to make reservations for the town homes as they are ONLY available to families PCSing in and out.  (2) Reservations are limited to 30 days for families PCSing in, and 10 days for families PCSing out.  I wanted to make sure everyone knew… 🙂  I hope this post will be helpful to all families PCSing to and from Oahu.  The new phone number for the front desk is (808) 260-1212.  You can make reservations using that number, or you can call the following number, just be sure to ask about the Town Homes at the Royal Alaka’i.  1-877-NAVYBED

Now onto the original post… Enjoy.

Matt and I are finally in Hawaii… well I say finally, but we’ve been here since Tuesday evening.

We landed at 5:55 PM after 7+ hours of flight time and 3800+ miles traveled.  We weren’t able to pick up Jack and Tess (our pups) until the next day, which made me sad, because the customs office was already closed.

We were greeted at the airport by Matt’s sponsor, our friends Marlo & Brandon with their daughters, and another friend, Phil.  Each of them had beautiful leis for us and placed them around our necks.  They smelled soooo good.

We soon were off to check into our hotel.  I made reservations at the lodge on the Air Force base but forgot we were a day ahead in Guam so our reservations wouldn’t start until Wednesday.  So we had to make a one night reservation at a different hotel.

... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
My boy and his new toy.

The next day we checked into the Air Force Lodge, picked up our dogs, and Matt’s new Jeep Rubicon, aka his Rubi.  Needless to say, he’s in l-o-v-e.  Since buying the Rubi, when talking about the “Jeep”, we have to specify which one we’re talking about, since he has his Rubi and I have my Jeep Commander.

The lodge has several different sizes of rooms and when we knew we were moving to Hawaii, Marlo highly recommended the Royal Alakai.  While it’s still part of the lodge system, it’s significantly different from what we’ve stayed in before, which was like any other hotel room, a bed and bathroom.  How different?  Well here ya go…

... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
This is what our building looks like from the street.  It consists of 4 townhouses, yup, townhouses.

... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com

This is the pretty tree-lined street we’re on.

... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com

This is us… there’s actually four entrances into the townhouse, which is kind of strange.  There’s these two (one on the far left and one on the right next to the windows) and there are two in the back.  We don’t use either of these entrances.  We use one of the two in the back, since it’s closest to the parking area.

... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
When you walk in the door above (the one on the right) this is what you see.  It’s so quaint.  The door in the picture goes to the back yard, which is small but fenced which makes it perfect for the pups.  That’s the door we use.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
Here’s a view from the other side of the room.  The kennel was in one of the closets.  The lodge requires pets be in the kennel when you’re not there, which is understandable.  Both of our dogs fit in this one which is perfect.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
You take two steps up onto a landing and then two steps down and you’re in the dining room.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
The table seats 6, which is more than enough for us.  The door on the right is the closet I mentioned before that held the kennel.  If you go to the end of the room, on the left is the other front door into the townhouse.  If you walk to the right, you’ll enter the kitchen.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
The kitchen is fully equipped.  It has a microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge, washer/dryer, silverware, plates, bowls, pots, pans, cooking utensils, kitchen towels, even dish washing soap.  All you need is food.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
The door on the right is the fourth entrance into the townhouse.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
This is an alternate view of the kitchen.  The door that the shopping bags are hanging off of is a huge closet that goes under the stairs.  It has an iron and ironing board.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
Now lets head upstairs.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
When coming up the stairs and to your right there’s a bedroom and bathroom.  You can see Jack and Tess have been up here too, because their toys are everywhere.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
This room has two twin sized beds and three, yes, three closets.  The door on the left is one of the three.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
This is it.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
To the right of the beds is this one.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
And here’s the third, complete with a cot, should you need it.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
Here’s the bathroom at the end of the hall.  There’s a large linen closet behind the door.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
At the other end of the hall, at the top of the stairs, is the master bedroom.  It has a queen sized bed and a bathroom.  It’s huge.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
Here’s another view of the bedroom.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
Here’s the bathroom.
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
And another view of it.  🙂
... if you're PCSing to/from Oahu! | JessicaFawn.com
And the closet.

Isn’t it great?!  Are you PCSing to/from Hawaii anytime soon?  If so, you’ve got to make reservations at this place.  It’s only $65 a night or $75 a night if you have pets, which is well below TLA.  There are only 8 of them available and they fill up fast.  You can reserve them for up to 30 days, which we did because the housing wait list is horrendously long.  If you don’t know how long you’ll be staying, reserve it for the whole 30 days.  If you don’t end up needing it for the whole time, they’ll just charge you for the days you’ve used it.  Be sure to make your reservations as soon as you know you’re moving as they get booked quick and don’t forget to mention you want the townhouses.  Here’s the number for the reservations desk, (808) 260-1212 or 1-877-NAVYBED.  I hope you enjoy your stay, like we are, if you’re PCSing to/from the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu!

Move #3 is officially underway…

It’s almost that time again.  We’ve been here for over four years and we were supposed to leave after three.

Why am I so anxious to move?  Well, I always feel like a short-timer when it gets closer to the next move.  The anticipation, the stress, the newness… everything.  It’s great and hard at the same time.  I don’t think I’d do very well staying in the same place when there are so many places to see.

We won’t officially leave until next month, but our Jeep has already been shipped and our pack out is in two short weeks.

It’s already a good way into March… what happened to February?  It seems like just yesterday was New Year’s Eve.

We already have our PCS (permanent change of station) orders, which is sometimes half the battle, especially now.  A good amount of our friends are waiting for orders because they’re almost all on hold Navy wide.  Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that.

Now along with the move comes a new job for Matt.  He’s really looking forward to it and so am I because he’ll be home with me, rather than at sea.  More than likely he’ll have to travel a ton, but it’ll be shorter trips then he’s made the last four years… and we can use a phone and Skype…  It’s going to be truly wonderful.

Since Matt will be home, this means we’ll have time to try, try and try some more to start our family.  We’ll also be closer to family so we can visit without having to spend close to $2K a ticket.

A large part of moving, that I’d prefer to do without, is saying good-bye to friends.  Saying good-bye does go hand-in-hand with making new friends, and I know I’m bound to keep in touch with those I’ve become closest with.  That still doesn’t make saying good-bye any easier.

I’ll try to blog as often as I can in the next month or so… as much as the move allows.We’ll be trying to get into military housing, but the wait is 6-12 months long, so we’ll see how that pans out.  I’m ready to be there.  If there were only a way to fast forward all of the stressful parts of the move and just be settled again… oh how wonderful that would be.  I’m ready to leave this island and get to the next one…  I’m ready to go grocery shopping and not have trouble finding even the simplest of things… or shopping at a real mall…  or being able to shop online and not having to worry about if they’ll ship to my address and how high the shipping rates are.I’m ready for Starbucks… and Target… and highways.  Oh to be able to drive more than 45 MPH legally.  I’m ready for roads without potholes the size of the moon’s craters.

Pearl Harbor… here we come…  Move # 3 is officially underway…

My trip… so far

I had planned on blogging from the beginning of my trip home, but it never happened.  So here I am changing that while soaking up some beautiful sun.
Matt and I left for the airport just before 4 AM.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 6:50.  Matt dropped me off and I was quickly to the counter ready to check-in.  While doing so, the gal behind the counter told me the flight was overbooked and asked if I’d like to take a voucher and take a later flight.  I had to pass since I knew people had already planned on picking me up during my layover and when I landed in Seattle.
The line at security went smoothly and I found myself at my gate sooner than anticipated.  Once there, one of the people working at the gate called my name.  A family traveling with an ill baby needed to be seated together and I happen to have the seat they needed.  To accommodate them, and thank me, I was upgraded to a bulk head seat.  After that was taken care of I was glad I chose to not take the voucher.
My flight was pretty uneventful.  I tried to sleep but there’s no comfortable way to sleep when you’re smooshed like only couch seats can make you smooshed.  Thankfully I had a nice layover in Honolulu where I was able to catch up with an old friend, Marlo, and also get something to eat that wasn’t airplane or airport food.   Marlo and her family used to also be attached on the boat with us in Guam.  They’re now stationed in Pearl Harbor.  I was able to see her house (which happens to be part of Navy housing) and it’s beautiful.  Soon it was time to get back to the airport to catch my connecting flight to Seattle.
Once in the airport I checked the screens listing all departures and arrivals.  My flight was on time and departing at gate 61.  I made my way through security pretty quickly and checked the screens again.  My flight was now delayed.  Oh well.  I found a Starbucks (mmm-mmm-mm), ordered a tall Chai latte (one of my favorite things) and a muffin.  Finding a seat was a little difficult.   People were lined up against walls and sitting on the floor.  I found a spot and hunkered down for what ended up being an additional hour and a half wait.
My wait didn’t seem all that long since I had my Kindle and plenty of books to read.  This flight was also very, very, very f-u-l-l, full.  I was seated at the very end of the plane in a window seat, which isn’t my favorite thing in the entire world.  The guy next to me wasn’t in any way staying in his seat either, and I don’t mean he kept getting up to move, I mean he was spilling into my seat.  Needless to say my flight was extremely uncomfortable.
I, again, did my best to get some sleep but was inevitably unable to.  Thankfully this flight was the shorter of the two and I would be landing in close to 6 hours.  Once I landed I called my sister, dad, and grandma to let them know I had arrived.  I would have called Matt but it was already well into his work day and he told me to just call him after I got some rest.
My sister, Janelle, was waiting for me in the waiting area and it was soooo great to see her.  It’s amazing the connection sisters can have.  It’s been over a year and a half since I saw her last and yet it seems like I just saw her but also like I haven’t seen her in forever.  We were able to get my baggage from baggage claim without incident and then we were off to breakfast.We ate some great food at Geraldine’s Counter.  It’s a tiny little place with a fabulous menu.  Here’s a picture of what they call their Blueberry Coffee Cake.
My trip… so far | JessicaFawn.com
My trip… so far | JessicaFawn.com
The next few days are a blur now but I was so excited to be somewhere with cooler weather.  I kept hearing people complain that it was “SO HOTT!!”  but it was much cooler then I was used to in Guam so I was content with the weather.
Janelle had to run some errands on the Silverdale side of the water which was perfect since one of my best friends, Fay, lived close by.  Fay met us and soon we were at the Boat Shed for lunch.  Here she is…
My trip… so far | JessicaFawn.com
Oh how I love her….
I’ll post more soon.  🙂






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The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i

The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

Matt and I woke up at 3 AM this morning for a planned arrival at the Honolulu airport just before 4 AM. It seems everyone was still sleeping because there was no one around at the Hawaiian Airlines check-in counter when we arrived. We were able to check-in after about 15 minutes. No biggie. When we got to security a short moment later there wasn’t anyone working there either, but there was a line of about 20 people waiting. Thankfully I’m a pretty patient girl and I had Matt to tell me “We’re going to be waiting anyway so why worry about it?” He was right. Soon we were told to have our boarding passes and IDs ready, and the line began moving.

Once we got to the front of the line I handed my boarding pass and military ID to the TSA woman behind a little podium. I said a pleasant, “Good Morning. How are you?” and she greeted me with a smile and said, “Good morning, and fine thanks.” She briefly looked at the boarding pass and then the front and back of my ID. Now you may be thinking, “Why use your military ID versus your driver’s license or passport?”. Generally it’s nice to use my military ID at domestic airports so I won’t be put through more checks than one at security. I’ve been through several when using my driver’s license. Since deciding to use my military ID I haven’t had more than the normal one check. Maybe it’s just better luck, or maybe they realize a military dependent is less likely to do something stupid at the airport or on a plane. I’d like to think it’s the latter. I have been told not to use my military ID in foreign countries because it can lead to being a target. I’m fine with using my passport which is required anyway and isn’t marked as being military in any way.

Soon I was taking my shoes and jacket off and putting them in the plastic bins we all know so well. Matt was in front of me taking out the very Mac book I’m using now, along with our camera as they wanted to check it as well. My camera isn’t small so the guy behind the scanning machine adjusted it just so next to my Mac book so both could be seen well in the scanner. Matt put his things in another bin and made his way through the metal detector. The TSA guy on the other side of the metal detector gave him a quick gloved pat down and then smiled and asked me to continue on through. I smiled and handed him my boarding pass and ID while saying, “Good Morning!” He asked me, “How are you so sweet and chipper at 4:30 this morning?” I replied with an even bigger smile, “I’m going to the Big Island!” He simply looked at my boarding pass and ID and smiled and returned them to me. After putting our stuff back where they belonged we were on our way to gate 55. On our way we found a Starbucks and decided to grab something yummy to stave off any hunger. We had a little over an hour before boarding began. Matt ordered an apple turnover thing they called a Gillette and a tall white chocolate mocha along with my banana nut muffin and tall Chai latte. We found a little table after the espresso machine and its operator did their magic. Oh how I’ve missed you Starbucks.

Matt and I found our gate and settled in for about a 45 minutes. I took out my camera, my new best friend, and wanted to take a few shots before boarding. I walked a short ways past the gate to get a picture of our plane. I took a couple of shots and then walked back to get one of our gate number. Before sitting down I decided to take a shot of Matt too. He gave me a cute smirk and then said, “You have issues.” I quickly with a smirk of my own, said, “I don’t have issues, I’m a scrapbooker now.”

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

 Matt just before telling me I “have issues.”


I soon found myself opening my Mac book and a word document to start writing about the beginning of our trip. Matt then noticed the screen at our gate said the wrong destination. He got up to confirm our gate number and boarding time. I was content where I was tip-tap-typing away. He was soon back with news that our gate number had changed.

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

What we thought was our gate… but soon found out wasn’t.


Thankfully we didn’t have far to go. We were up and onto gate number 49. By the time we settled in and I was tip-tap-typing away again it was almost time to board. I decided to capture a shot of our new plane and gate number and then we were boarding.

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

Our new plane…

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

… and new gate.


When we got on the plane it was still pitch black outside. We were soon in the air for a short 45 minutes flight, a total of 219 miles from our little temporary home in Oahu. I watched the sun come up and soon was seeing the beautiful coastline of the island of Hawai’i. I was taking all my pictures now with my iPhone so I’m not sure how wonderful they came out. We’ll see… I’ll have to post those later as the internet here is a bit harder to get those to post. 🙂 But I will post them, well… if they’re not total blur muck. While getting closer to the island I noticed a ship and said, “oh, a ferry.” Matt looked out the window and said, “uh, that’s a cruise ship.” I had to look again and just started belly laughing at myself… LOL. I just couldn’t stop laughing at myself. As we got closer and closer it was clearly a cruise ship…. FAR LARGER THEN A FERRY! Tee hee hee.

Matt and I were soon making our way off the plane onto baggage claim and then off to Enterprise to pick up our rental car. We always rent an economy car as its only the two of us and it’s the cheapest. I told Matt as we approached the counter, “there will be no economy cars, there will be no economy cars.” This was my own way of willing it to be so we could get a free upgrade. Well they didn’t have any economy cars left since the “ferry” was coming to town so we immediately got an upgrade. Wooo hoo! Love that. In a matter of a few short moments we were on our way.

We weren’t going to be able to check into our little cabin until 3 PM, but I decided to call to see if it was available early. Nope. So to kill time, we drove around Hilo and took a ton of great pictures. We stopped at a little place called Ken’s House of Pancakes for breakfast and had some yummy food. We even found the cutest little scrapbook store, and of course I had to buy some stuff. By the time we got out of the scrapbook store it was 10:30 AM and time to call Kilauea Military Camp again. Our room was ready for us. 🙂

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

A beautiful windy part of the road we found while exploring.


The drive to the camp was about 45 minutes with a lot of up hill driving. It didn’t feel like we were on an island at all. It was just so much bigger than Guam and even Oahu. We made it quickly to our little place and oh my goodness is it cute. It’s a little cabin with a living room, bathroom (with a jet tub that I cannot wait to use), and a bedroom with a nice king size bed.

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

Our cute little cabin.

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

Cabin # 72

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

Our little living room, complete with a TV, fireplace, desk, and couch.

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

Our bedroom with a wonderful king size bed.

 The beginning of our wonderful trip to the big island of Hawai’i | JessicaFawn.com

The wonderful jet tub. I can’t wait to get in it!!!

 Matt and I were eager to get exploring. I was quickly out of my flip-flops and into my sneakers. It was very windy and much colder here then in Hilo, a difference of about 15 degrees, so I decided to throw on a sweatshirt and bring my jacket along. Layering is always best…

Oh my gosh we saw so much today. I promise I’ll post a ton of pics and share what we saw when I get home. That way I’ll have time to compile what we learned during our visit and match it all up to with the correct pics. 🙂

We came back to camp after a ton of great sites were seen and oh was I so glad to get online. I immediately always log into Skype first… and who did I see online? Ami!!! Oh, my Ami!!!! I was so thrilled. I immediately hit the call icon and heard the familiar little ring ring, ring ring. And then a click and a “Hello” It was Matt!!!! (okay, before I confuse all of you who don’t know who I’m talking about… Ami, is my husband’s cousin. Matt is Ami’s husband. So Ami & I are both married to a Matt. 🙂 Got it? I was soo excited. We had a few tiny technical difficulties but soon were seeing each others smiling faces and gabbing each others ears off. The four of us laughed and laughed. My Matt hasn’t talked to Ami in so long since he’s out to sea so often and well since he hasn’t talked to her obviously he hasn’t talked to her husband either. It was so great catching up.

We’re now so exhausted and it’s only 5:30 PM now. Matt and I will be heading to a little eating area on the camp site soon which will be nice. I know we’re more than likely to go to bed early tonight as its been go-go-go all day.

Tomorrow we have a great two-hour hike planned after breakfast at 7:30 and then we head back to Hilo for a great helicopter tour. This is truly what I can’t wait for. It’s going to be AMAZING!!!! After our tour we’re going to take a trip to the Hawaiian Vanilla Mill. Sweet!!!!

My tummy is a growlin’ so off we go to get some yummys in our tummys.






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Whale watching with… no whales.


2010-03-07 1 Beautiful shot of Waikiki and Diamond Head.

Matt and I were supposed to take a whale watching cruise on February 27th. Now I say “supposed to” because Mother Nature had a different plan that day. Hawaii and much of the world with a coast connected to the Pacific Ocean, was preparing for a Tsunami.

Our little whale watching event was delayed. We were able to take it this weekend though, which was nice. We got to the boat just after 9:30 AM. We didn’t have to be there until 10:15 AM. We were a little early… but if you know us, you’d know that’s no surprise. Waiting isn’t a big deal to us, we’d rather wait then be late. It was a beautiful and very active day. The marina where our little boat was kept is right off of a main street in Waikiki, so people were out and about. Joggers, walkers, shoppers, and of course a ton of cars making their way down Ala Moana Blvd.

Soon it was time to board the boat. When I call this a boat, it’s not a small thing but it’s not cruise ship size either. I’d say it’s about the same size as a small ferry. There were a ton of college students, vacationers, and then us. We waited about 30 minutes before the horn went off letting everyone know we were ready to depart. Everything started smoothly…

Now once we left the little harbor after about 10 minutes, things weren’t smooth anymore. The boat was a-rockin’. Oh boy did I want some Dramamine. Why didn’t I take Dramamine? It was so rocky and rough. Matt kept comforting me and asking if I was ok. He’s so sweet. The view was beautiful but I just wasn’t feeling well enough to enjoy it. The boat took us as far as Diamond Head where whales were to be seen. On our way to Diamond Head we saw a huge turtle, just soaking up the sun at the water’s surface. I could not believe how big he was… I’d say he was about the size of a round table that seats 4. BIG.

Now was my stomach feeling any better? No. Now just thinking about how I felt I’m getting queasy. Matt was sweet enough to visit the bar and ask for some ginger ale. Silly me wanted to take some pictures. While looking through the view finder of my DSLR with my zoom lens on (Oh how I love the new lens Matt bought me while he visited Singapore last) I saw something odd on the horizon. Could it be? Matt was soon back and I told him, “I think I see a sub out there.” He says, “No way.” I’ve always wanted to see an unexpected sub on the horizon but those things are meant to be unseen. He took the camera out of my hand and looked… “yup, that’s a sub.” I was so happy… I told him, “I know that shape, I knew it!!!”

Seeing that sub soon brought my smile back on my face but it was very short-lived. The ginger ale he returned with was true ginger ale, complete with pieces of ginger at the bottom of the cup. It was amazing. It did help a little. The bigger swells, not so much. We were quickly to the “whale location” just in front of Diamond Head but there were no whales… none. I found myself curling up in a ball and laying my head in Matt’s lap. He was so sweet… soothing me by gently running his hand along the back of my neck and arm. We were soon told that we would receive a voucher for a rain check to come on the boat another day since whales decided to take a different route today. We were quickly back the marina. I was feeling much better and we were ready to get back on land. Matt and I decided to forgo the voucher as we wouldn’t have the time to go on another tour as we’d be leaving soon for the Big Island. It was worth the try… 🙂

Here are some of the pics we took Saturday…

Whale watching with… no whales. | JessicaFawn.com

Matt just before getting out of the car to wait.

Whale watching with… no whales. | JessicaFawn.com

Can you see the submarine?

 Whale watching with… no whales. | JessicaFawn.com

The turtle… He’s a big guy!!!

 Whale watching with… no whales. | JessicaFawn.com

Here he is again with his head out of the water. 🙂

Whale watching with… no whales. | JessicaFawn.com

The lighthouse… so pretty and quaint.

Soon I’ll have a ton of great pics to post along with wonderful stories to tell you about our trip to the big island of Hawaii. Matt and I can’t wait… we’re even going on a helicopter tour. Wooo hooo!!!

Until next time….







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Hawaii visit so far…


 Hawaii visit so far... | JessicaFawn.com

I’ve been in Hawaii for a week now and I’m really enjoying myself. I’ve been able to spend some quality time with my honey and also do some fun shopping. Nothing big, but nice just the same. Since I really can’t buy anything large, since I have to carry everything back with me on the place, it limits me to buying as much little things as I want, but still limits me.

I’ve loved the ability to get on the highway. It’s bizarre, I know, but there are no highways in Guam. The max speed you can drive legally in Guam is 45 MPH and it’s only for a few short miles. Here, in Hawaii, I can get on H3 and drive up to 60 MPH and just go. It’s so nice. The island is so much bigger than Guam too. It almost feels like I’m back on the mainland… I don’t feel like I’m on an island at all. It’s so nice.

Today Matt and I took a drive to the east side of the island. We stopped at some look out points and took some pictures. It was so nice to just get out and drive. At one of the stops we even saw whales… yup…. whales. This time of year is great for whale watching so we were able to catch a glimpse of one today. We plan on taking an actual boat trip to see them more up close, but this little glimpse got me excited for our upcoming sail.

I’ll write more soon… just wanted to post while I could. Here are pictures from our drive today.


Hawaii visit so far... | JessicaFawn.com

Hawaii visit so far... | JessicaFawn.com

Hawaii visit so far... | JessicaFawn.com

Hawaii visit so far... | JessicaFawn.com







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