Keeping busy…

Since moving to Maine, we’ve seen a lot of snow. And I mean, A LOT OF SNOW!!! I’m told by quite a few people that this has been one of the worst winters they’ve ever seen. With the bitter cold and all that white frozen stuff outside, we’ve spent a large amount of our time inside keeping warm.

This has given me lots of hours to organize and reorganize our belongings. We only have a couple of boxes left and for the most part are settled. Thankfully, I’ve met several wonderful people. Our new command has been very welcoming, even though we’re not technically attached yet, which has been nice. I’ve always been a very active participant in our Family Readiness Group (FRG) and didn’t want that to be any different once we got here.

I’ve also been working on more pieces for my shop. It’s so much fun introducing new things and I look forward to sharing them with you.

I also delve into almost everyday too. It’s somewhat of an addiction for me. I’ve traced my ancestry clear back to the 1600’s and its sooooo fascinating. My Grandmother gave me a book about my ancestry which I’ve been transcribing into my “tree” online. It’s truly amazing seeing what I have on paper connect with what I find online.

I’ve also just recently found Stitch Fix. Have you heard about this? It’s an amazing concept. Stitch Fix is a subscription service that sends you clothes and accessories. While I do love to shop, I truly HATE stepping into dressing rooms. I often find myself buying something in a couple of sizes, bringing them home, and returning what doesn’t fit. Or, in some cases returning both sizes if I don’t like how it looks on me. It’s also not easy to try things on with a two-year-old.

Stitch Fix to the rescue. All you do is create your “style profile”. Your profile consists of choosing things you like and dislike, giving your sizes, and linking to a “style” Pinterest Board (if you have one you’d like to share with your stylist). Once you’ve completed your profile, you select your delivery date for your first fix. You can choose to receive a “fix” once, monthly, or at any time you choose. Once you complete your “fix” profile, your own stylist gets to work selecting five hand-picked items based on your style profile. It’s mailed to you with a handy card with  styling tips, a prepaid envelope to return what you don’t like, and if you decide to buy everything you were sent, you save 25%. How awesome is that?

I just received an email today stating my “fix” was shipped. I’m so excited for it to arrive. I’ll be sure to share it with you when it arrives. And take pictures, of course. Check out more about Stitch Fix and I would totally love love love it if you used my referral link. 😉

Going to get back to transcribing more of my genealogy.

Hope all of you are doing well and keeping busy…

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