10 Day You Challenge: {three films}

10 Day You Challenge

{1} Any of the Twilight Saga movies… come on, you can’t be all that surprised.  Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn part 1, and Breaking Dawn part 2.  And I count them as one.  Tee hee hee.


{2} Titanic.  It’s the first movie I saw multiple times in the theater. I’ve always been fascinated with the grandeur of the ship, the way the rich and poor lived during that time, and how it all ended so horribly. I think I lived in the wrong century. Everything was so much simpler back then.

{3} Braveheart.  It’s such a guys movie with all the violence, but it has such a soft romance about it too. I love it.

What are your favorite movies?

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10 Day You Challenge: {four books}

10 Day You Challenge

Books… oh goodness.  This one is going to be hard.  I can only pick four?  Well, some of them will be series, and they will count as one.  That’s not cheating, right?

{1}  The Twilight series.  Surprise.  Surprise.  Oh how I love these books soooo much.  I honestly can’t remember how many times I’ve read the series, and I could read them all again, and not get tired of them.  The first part of the movie for the final book of the series, Breaking Dawn, comes out in a week, and I’ll be going to the midnight showing, complete with my Lil’ Nudger shirt.  I’ll be sure to post a picture.  🙂

{2}  The Harry Potter series.  This series is so wonderful and one day I will read the entire series to Holden.  He’ll love it as much as I do, I just know it.

{3}  The Lord of the Rings series.  Again, another great series.  What can I say, I love a good series of books.  It’s hard for me to become attached to a single book.  I want them to continue and continue and continue.

{4} The Catcher in the Rye.  I’ve always loved this book, but one day while talking with Liz about names we’d love for our future kids, Holden was mentioned.  And that was it.  I especially love this book since it is where my son’s name came from.

That was hard…  Until tomorrow, what books do you love, and could you limit it to only four?

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10 Day You Challenge: {five foods}

10 Day You Challenge
Five foods…. Hmmm… This is going to be fun and also make this preggosaurus hungry.

{1}  Hummus-  I love. love. loooovvve Hummus.  Especially really garlicy hummus.

{2} Chocolate- Doesn’t need an explanation.

{3}  Avocados- Plain, in Guacamole, on a sandwich, or in a salad, I love them any which way.

{4}  Ice Cream- Another one that doesn’t need explaining.

{5} Pasta- any kind of pasta is going to make me happy, especially Fettuccine Alfredo.  Mmmmm.

That was fun… 🙂

10 Day You Challenge: {six places}

10 Day You Challenge

Today’s challenge… places.

{1}  My Grandparent’s house.

Oh how I love the old farmhouse complete with faded red barn (one of our engagement photos was taken in it, shown below) and rolling grassy lawn.  In my head its the way it was when I was younger, but I know its changed significantly since then.  There’s an old tree my siblings and I used to call the “horse-y tree” because it was shaped like a horse.  We’d pretend we were riding it and loved every moment.  🙂  Here’s a photo of us doing just that.

2011-11-09 1 wmMe, Janelle, and Danny.

2011-03-05 1

{2}  The Caribbean.

Matt and I took a cruise to the Caribbean for our honeymoon and it was a total blast.  It was the best 7 days we had spent together and I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for St. Martin.

{3)  Beijing.

My best friend, Liz, her husband, Paul, Matt and I, took a 4 day trip to Beijing in April 2008, just before the Olympics.  It was such an AMAZING trip.  China is HUGE!!!  We saw Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, The Great Wall (one thing I checked off of my bucket list), and oh-so-much more.  It was incredible.  Oh, and the food…  All I have to say is Kung Pow Chicken in China is soooo soooooooo much better then it is in the states.  Their “cakes and sweets” are nothing of the sort though.  They’re more like cardboard with some form of tasteless frosting on them.  They look beautiful, but taste awful.  Liz can attest to this too.  🙂

{4}  Forks, WA.

This wonderful place is of course where my beloved book series The Twilight Saga takes place.  I had the privilege of visiting with my best friend, Fay (yes, I have two best friends), in August 2010.  It was fun to see where the little town put each important location (ie, the Swan House, the Cullen House, the Police Station, Forks High School, etc.).  We even went to La Push.

{5}  Hahn Air Force Base, Germany.

This is where I was born.  The base has since closed and unfortunately the hospital I was born in burnt down.  I would love to, one day, take a trip to see where my life began, where my parents lived (if it’s still there), and where my parents started their life together.

{6}  Honolulu, HI.

Where we currently live and where our little guy, Holden, will join this world in less than (hopefully) six weeks.  It’s amazing that he will be born in the same hospital as his Godmother, Liz, and possibly (I’m crossing my fingers) on the same day as both of my best friends, Liz and Fay.  We’ll see if the latter happens… as he’s going to come when he wants to.

10 Day You Challenge: {seven wants}

10 Day You Challenge

Today’s challenge is 7 Wants… this one should be pretty easy, but we’ll see.

{1}  I want my family to be happy.  I know it sounds silly, but its something that I really want.  While I can say my childhood was good, there were parts I wish didn’t happen, as with anyone.  There are things I wish I didn’t have to experience and I want Holden to not have to go through what I did.  I want him to be happy, very happy.  I want my husband to be happy.  I want to be happy.

{2}  I want a nice sewing machine.  One I can start learning how to quilt on.  One I can sew my husbands patches on with.  One that is strong and powerful.

{3}  I want a cupcake.  LOL.  It’s not even 11 AM yet, but its the truth, I want a cupcake.

{4} I want to, someday, get together with my closest girlfriends and have a GIRLS ONLY trip.

{5}  I want, and this is a stretch, the economy to get better sooner than later.  I have so many friends that are in a very bad place because they can’t sell their houses.  They’re away from their husbands and their husbands are away from their families and it’s heartbreaking.

{6}  I want to know where and when we’re PCSing next.  This won’t happen, but it’d still be nice to know.  The unknown is hard to deal with sometimes.  I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get stationed back in CT again… but my number two choice would be here in Hawaii.  Now if only my wanting to go to a specific local would do anything.

{7}  I want ice cream…  ha ha ha.  I am pregnant ya know.  What can I say.  I have a sweet tooth, that hasn’t changed since before I was pregnant, it’s just heightened now and oh-man-oh-man, it’s hard to tell myself no sometimes.

Well that’s 7 wants…  until tomorrow… what do you want?

10 Day You Challenge: {eight fears}

10 Day You Challenge

Fears…  This challenge was especially hard and I was only able to come up with 6 of the 8.  It was hard.

{1}  Not being a good mother.  While I’ve seen some great mothers, I’ve also seen not so great mothers and I hope I don’t fall into the latter category.

{2}  I hesitate to put this out there, because it is the one thing I fear above all things, and I’m so close to overcoming it…  Not being able to have children.  It may sound silly to some, but I fear not having children more than death.  I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and I know, if something were to happen in the next 6 weeks, we could always try again, and if not successful, we could adopt or be foster parents, but to have at least one of my own means so much to me.

{3}  Being useless.  I have a very hard time asking for help, let alone not being able to do anything for myself.

{4} I don’t have a fear of flying… but I have a hate/fear relationship with turbulence.  Ever since a really bad flight back to Guam where the place literally fell, I have had the fear of not making it back to the ground in one piece.  As long as it’s a smooth flight, I’m good.

{5}  My family and friends not knowing how much I love them after I’m gone.

{6}  The day I have to say goodbye to the love of my life.

Until tomorrow… what are your fears?

10 Day You Challenge: {nine loves}

10 Day You Challenge

I’m not going to include my obvious loves (my husband, family, friends…).  I love them the above all, that goes without saying.

{1}  Anything Twilight.  But that’s no surprise.  There’s only 12 days, 7 hours, and 32 minutes left until Breaking Dawn part 1 hits theaters and I’m soooooo excited.  A bunch of girlfriends and I are doing dinner and then hitting the theater for the midnight showing.  It’s going to be great.  Now if only a few of my girlfriends from the mainland could apparate to Hawaii to join me.

{2}  I love how cuddly my dogs have been lately.  I think they know something is going on… even though they have no clue what that something is.

{3}  Lime with my water.  I know, most like lemon, but ever since moving to Hawaii last spring, I can’t get enough water and lime makes it just that much more yummy.

{4}  Hot Chocolate.  Even though I’ve lived in a tropical place for the last 5+ years, with no cool weather to think of, I still love a good cup of hot chocolate.  While in Guam, on rainy days, I would turn the AC down to make it cooler in the house, put a sweatshirt on, and pretend that I was back home in a colder climate.  Of course my pretending would come to a complete stop once I had to go outside and realized it was 85+.

{5}  My iPhone.  I don’t know what I would do without it.

{6}  My MacBook Pro.  I spend a good amount of time on my computer and every bit of that time is without computer hiccups.  Oh how I love that.

{7}  Chai tea. Hot. Iced. It’s comforting. MMmmm.

{8}  Thunderstorms.  I wish we got more of them… but the ones we do get, I love soooo much.

{9}  Eggnog.  Oh eggnog, how much I love you.

Until tomorrow…   what do you love?

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10 Day You Challenge: {ten secrets}

10 Day You Challenge
My friend, Emily, over at The Sub Wife Life, recently started this little challenge, and I thought, why not do the same?  I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like and this will force me to do it for 10 straight days… And I may even get two posts in on one of those 10 days.  🙂  We’ll see.
So today’s challenge is 10 Secrets.  This’ll be a challenge because I’m close to an open book…  but I’ll do my best.

{1}  I love folding laundry, especially towels.  I don’t know why.  It’s very calming to me.  Now the putting away part, I could do without.

{2}  I’m scared of not being a good mother.  I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember.  I just really hope I’m good at it.

{3}  I love Captain Crunch with Crunchberries.  It’s awful for you, but I love it.

{4}  I wish some parts of my life could be forgotten and other parts could be replayed over and over again.  I wouldn’t change anything, if I could, but forgetting or repeating would be great.

{5}  While I have lived in “paradise” for the last 5+ years of my life, I’m ready to get back to 4 seasons, with snow and all.  You may think I’m crazy, but I need the cold, the mild, and the warm weather.  Having sun all the time gets boring.  I’m no beach bunny.  I have very fare skin and burn even when I have SPF 35 on.

{6}  I love, love, love being part of the Submarine family.  It’s such a close-knit group.  We have our qualms, as everyone does, but its something I’m so happy to be a part of.

{7}  While I can’t wait to meet our baby boy, I’m trying to enjoy every bit of alone time I get.  Once he arrives, alone time will be hard to come by and I’ve had so much of it, especially in the last 5+ years.  The alone time I have now isn’t always the best… especially being as pregnant as I am now, but I remind myself everyday to enjoy the silence, the stillness.  Soon it’ll be replaced with something that is in so many ways just as wonderful.  I’m just enjoying what I have now for soon it’ll change drastically.

{8}  It’s so strange seeing my belly move the way it does with our little guy in there.  I wonder if he’ll be as active after he arrives as he is now, if so, maybe he’ll come out with a football in his hands.  It’s a non-stop, belly jostling, experience, especially recently.

{9}  I write a lot.  I know it may not seem like it since I don’t blog as much, but I do.  Most of what I write is private and for my own sanity.  Writing is one of my favorite things.

{10}  I love Smarties.  Why is it that you can only find them during Halloween?  I can’t find them any other time of the year.  They are my favorite Halloween candy and always have been.  Hopefully Holden doesn’t like them as much as I do.