Taco Soup

Years ago, when Matt and I were stationed in CT, we were newly engaged and planning our wedding.  Matt introduced me to a wonderful couple, Bryan and Erin, a few nights after moving across country.  Bryan had worked with Matt on his previous boat so they had known each other awhile.  It was nice to know a great couple so quickly.

One night, Bryan and Erin invited us over for dinner.  Erin made a delicious soup and garnished it with cheese and sour cream.  What isn’t good with cheese and sour cream??  I can’t remember what she called it and it was a little different from what I make today, but that’s what makes this recipe so great.  It’s so easy to modify and SUPER easy to make.

Gather the following ingredients and your trusty slow cooker.

a can of green beans (use whichever cut you like, there are several different kinds)
a can of corn
a can of stewed tomatoes
a can of diced tomatoes with green chilis (Choose your heat level, we like mild. Don’t want spicy?   You can use regular ol’ diced tomatoes)
a can of kidney beans
a can of black beans
a packet of dry ranch dip mix
a packet of taco seasoning
one pound of ground beef or turkey, browned, or whatever meat you like (optional)
your favorite toppings; cheese, green onions, sour cream… anything you like on a taco.  🙂

Now open up all those cans and dump their contents into your slow cooker.  The only ones you don’t want to dump, as is, are the black beans and stewed tomatoes.  The stewed tomatoes can be a bit large sometimes, so I like to take a knife and cut them a little right in the can.  To prevent the tomato juice from getting all over, pour it into your slow cooker and then cut away.  Doesn’t have to be perfect.  Just needs to be a bit smaller then they are initially.  The black beans need to be rinsed.  Rinse them in a strainer and then put them into your slow cooker.  Then take one of those empty cans, fill it up with water, and add it to your soup mixture.  If you want meat in your soup, add it now.  This time around, I made it without.
Pour contents of both ranch and taco seasoning packets into your slow cooker.

Stir it all up real good, turn your slow cooker on, and walk away.  As far as how high or for how long, that’s up to you.  If you’d like it sooner then later, put it on high for 4-6 hours.  Not in a hurry?  Put it on low for 8-10 hours.

While I love my soup with cheese and sour cream, my husband loves it as is.  He’s a bit of a plain food guy.  He doesn’t even like salad dressing on his salad.  Weird?  I know.  But I love him.

I also like corn bread with this soup… he prefers saltines.


I love cheese.  It’s one of my favorite things in this world.  This go around, I shredded up some pepper jack.  The funny thing with pepper jack is, one block could be as mild as ever and the next could be kick-in-the-mouth hot.  This one happened to be the latter.  Woooh.  My mouth was on fire.  Oh, but it was so GOOOOD!!!

I hope you enjoy this soup as much as we do.  It’s so easy, so good, not all that bad for you, and can be modified any which way you want.  Different beans, more beans, meat, no meat, more veggies… the possibilities are endless.

Thanks Erin, for introducing me to this wonderful soup oh-so-many years ago.








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