Sub Ball and all that went with it…

Sub Ball and all that went with it... |

Sub Ball is one of my favorite Navy traditions. For those of you that don’t know what the Sub Ball is here’s a brief description for you.

Everyone attached to the US Submarine force gets together sometime between the end of March and end of April to celebrate the Submarine Force’s Birthday. Some areas have separate events, one for enlisted and one for officers. Due to such a small number, in comparison with other bases, our ball in Guam was combined.
We get all dressed up, military in their “Dinner Dress Whites or Better” and civies, or civilians, in Formal Black Tie. Well, here in Guam its a bit different since its SOOOO hot when it comes to gowns. I opted for a shorter dress this year since several people, too many to count, last year stepped on my dress causing more than one rip and I wanted to cry. Not this year. I had a great time, for more than one reason.
Reason #1.
If you notice in the picture of Me & Matt, above, I have long hair. Yes, its long and its real, but not mine. Ha ha ha. For those that watch HSN or have heard of Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves this is part of their line called HairDo. Its clip in extensions and I love it!!! They are so much fun I’ve decided to grow my hair out. LOVE IT!!!!! It’s amazing how much this did for my self-confidence.
Reason # 2.
I’m not a drinker by any means, but that night I had more than a couple. I let loose and enjoyed myself very much.
Reason #3.
My husband and I got a suite. We were able to have our fun and not have to worry about who was driving home… enough said.

Here are some more pics from our wonderful evening. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments if you’d like.

Sub Ball and all that went with it... |

Dave, Matt, and Paul.  So classy.

Sub Ball and all that went with it... |

Matt, me, and Liz.

Sub Ball and all that went with it... |

Amy, me, and Suzette.








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