Sold my car… and the fiasco that conspired with it…

Matt and I, after much thought and discussion, have decided to sell my car. Since he’s out to sea most of the time, one of the two cars usually always sits unused… and of course we had two car and insurance payments along with filling two cars with gas.
We put an ad up at the mini NEX, I posted a bulletin on my MySpace and also posted a little blurb on the Christi Wives Yahoo! group. Then I went to the MWR office and paid $20 to have it sit in the “Lemon Lot”, a place where many people on base sell their cars & boats. I had a few calls with questions about the car and then one guy wanted to test drive it. I was thrilled.

I met him at the Lemon Lot with his wife and they tell me they plan on buying it for their daughter. I’m thinking she’s got to be in her teens, like 16 or 18, but she’s actually 27. WOW!!! I guess she’s a little spoiled. She just finished her Master’s in Counseling and is teaching at a school on island. He was 99% they were going to buy the car. Then I showed him the remote start and he “had” to have the car. They said they’d call me and let me know. Once I get home, I’m so excited and then my phone rings. It’s another guy interested in the car. I told him I just had another gentleman test drive it and he was going to make an offer. He wanted to know what his offer was. ??? I didn’t know… he technically never made the offer. I told him I’d call him back and let him know if he was serious about purchasing the vehicle. He was, so I called the guy that drove it and explained that I had another guy interested and was he going to make an offer or not. He did, $13,000. I was asking $13,500 so that wasn’t bad. I called the other guy back and told him what the offer was and he said he could have it.
I got a call the next day and it was the guy that had driven the car the previous day. His daughter wanted to drive the car. No problem. I met them again and she loved the car. They said it was perfect and they really hoped they got approved from their bank. To make sure there was no question about accidents or problems with the car, I paid $19.95 for a CarFax report and gave them a copy. All we had to do was wait to hear from their bank.
The following day, I get a call, they are approved and would like to make the exchange, car for check. Now the ball starts rolling… I don’t feel all that comfortable giving them the car though until they get insurance and register it in their name.
We meet at the bank. We get in line and pay off my loan, then the daughter tells me she doesn’t want to give me my check until she gets her car. That’s fare. We get a copy of the title, since the original is back in VA at the Navy Federal main office. I pay $20 to have it expedited so I can have it as soon as possible … the sooner the better.

However, the girls insurance office won’t give her insurance without the title. WHAT???
I’ve never had to give any insurance company I’ve had my title. All I’ve needed was the VIN number, how I want the car covered, and a little more info… not the title. So after going back and forth she decides to change insurance companies. The second insurance company doesn’t care about having the title, all they need is the car info. THANK YOU!!! Grrrr… by this time it is already 5:30 and the Department of Revenue & Taxation, also known as a huge warehouse that holds a number of things among them the DMV, has already closed. We agree to meet again the following day at the DMV to take care of the registration. She is however unable to meet me until after 3 PM at which time the line at the DMV will be horrendous, but I agree. She brings her cousin to check out her “new ride” and he agrees it’s a great car. We get in line and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Once we are called by a very lunch lady like “next”, we make our way to be helped. But are we helped, NOPE. In order to register the vehicle, they need the original title. Not a copy, not a lien release letter, not a signed bill of sale… the effing title. So at this point I’m getting annoyed. Every time I’ve dealt with purchasing or selling a car prior to coming to Guam it’s been simple. Check and vehicle exchange hands, registration and insurance is switched and the transaction is done. This was certainly not the case.
I’m tired of driving the car every where to just end up not having the process complete. Since she already has insurance for the car in her name, I agree to give her the car in exchange for the check, of course, and once the title comes in we’ll meet again to change the registration. One problem though… I can’t have my money because the check is written to me and her mother… which means her mother will have to meet me at the bank, again, and sign it in front of the teller with her id in order for me to deposit it into my account.
Her mother has to work until 4 and then drive across island which can take between 30 and 45 minutes all the while the bank where we need to meet closes at 5:00 and she won’t be able to do it for a couple of days. So, the girl has my car, which is still registered in my name and paid off, but I have yet to receive my part of the whole process… just a little recap.
A day goes by and I’m supposed to be meeting the mother the following day and I get a call very early that morning. Something is “wrong” with the car. Apparently it just shut off while she was driving it a day or two ago. My thoughts were, ok if this had happened and I was in her situation I would have called the seller, me, right after it had happened, not a couple of days later. I told her “I don’t know what to say, it’s never happened to me and you did drove the car prior to buying it and so did your dad.” I was irritated… I had yet to receive my money and was now being told my car is messed up. Later that night the father called me saying the car is pulling to the right and the tires are balding… YOU LOOKED AT THE EFFING CAR MORE THEN ONCE AND DROVE IT… YOU COULD HAVE EVEN HAD IT LOOKED AT BY A MECHANIC PRIOR TO BUYING IT, BUT DID YOU? OF COURSE NOT!!!

I didn’t know what he wanted from me, when I had the car it was fine… just fine… more than fine. I loved that car… it was great!!! I asked him, “what do you want me to do?” and he said, “It’d be nice if you purchase new tires.”…. What do I look like? A dealership? “I’m sorry”, I said, “Your wife and daughter signed a bill of sale and it states the vehicle is sold AS IS, so no. The car was driven twice by your family and at no point did you mention anything about these problems.” He said ok and it was his fault for not having the car looked at before purchasing it.

The following day, today, I got another call from him asking where the special key to remove the tires was… did you happen to look in the truck where I showed you??? Of course not. He just wanted me to know that he was replacing the tires. Oh my gosh!!!

Later on, I was on my way to meet the mother, again, at the bank to get my money and it seemed it couldn’t get worse… oh but it could. There was an accident blocking the entrance to get to the bank and traffic was horrible. Thankfully I was able to get around and get into the bank before they closed. Shortly after arriving so did the mother. We did what we needed to and I finally have my money.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the title and then I’ll be done with the whole thing!!! At this point I think I need a good drink…







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