Sick, AGAIN, and hating it…

Matt is back out to sea and I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for almost two weeks now. I went to the doctors last week and was given some nose spray and Ibuprofen for some pain in my ear. Well the nose spray made my runny nose go away but the ear ache never went away. I was told to give it a few weeks and it would get better. Well early Monday morning, at about 1:30 AM, my ear was aching so bad it woke me up. I felt so bad waking Matt up but I really just wanted to go to the ER.
He put some hydrogen peroxide in my ear for me and then I was able to get back to sleep.

After taking him to the boat and saying our good-byes, I went straight to the ER. Appointments were unavailable and the pain was excruciating. After about 2 hours I was out of the hospital with two different ear drops and some Vicodin.

The drive home was the longest drive home I’d ever experienced. The pain seemed to get worse. It was as if my ear knew I was going to be putting some ear drops in so it was getting worse on purpose. Once I got home I took the dogs out and then took my meds and laid down to rest and hopefully get better. I slept most of the day after waking up a few times to take more medication and eat.

Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday… the Vicodin made me a little sick to my stomach but at least it made the ear pain go away.

Well I’ll write more once I’m feeling better… my ear is starting to ache again so I’m going to put some more drops in and lay down for a while. Until next time…







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