Saying a very hard good-bye

Liz recently got orders after a long waiting game. They were supposed to have orders in August… So when orders finally came about it was quick… too quick. The orders were officially available on October 25th. We were able to spend Halloween together which I was grateful for. Soon Paul was flying in after leaving the boat while it was out to sea. He flew in on Thursday, November 5th and the next day the movers came to pack their express shipment. Monday the movers came again to pack everything else. It took about a day and a half. It went far too quickly. They borrowed our blow up mattress Tuesday night and then stayed at the Westin Wednesday & Thursday night.

I can’t believe how quickly it went. Since I moved to Guam Liz has always been my closest friend. Since Matt and I will be here another year it’ll be different without her. Matt and Paul worked directly with each other and I know he’ll be affected by their move too.

It’s going to be a hard end of the year for me… hopefully it’ll go quickly.







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