Good-bye Facebook

On this Mother’s Day, I want to talk about good ol’ Social Media for a tiny, itsy-bitsy minute. Mainly Facebook, but social media in general. Sadly, our house is full of germs so we’re taking a bit of a rain-check on celebrating Mother’s Day so my men can rest up and get better.

Since signing up for my very first social media account (MySpace) years ago, I’ve loved almost every thing it’s added to my life. Easily keeping in contact with family and friends living thousands of miles away. Celebrating BIG life moments, whether it’s an engagement, wedding, or new baby on the way, it’s like I’m right there with you. Finding encouraging articles you recommend. Sharing what’s happening in our life with everyone we care about. Encouraging friends and family that need it and making others laugh when they need to as well. Organizing last-minute cookouts or playdates. Even an occasional deep discussion with a small group where we can keep each other accountable and on the same page.

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My Second Fix

Stitch Fix

My second Fix came today.  If you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix, be sure to check it out.  It’s pretty amazing.

Fix # 2 |

While I waited patiently for my Fix to arrive, sadly it was a bit of a let down this time around.  Not that I didn’t like any of the stuff that was sent, I just didn’t end up keeping anything.

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My first Fix

I mentioned Stitch Fix in my last post and my first “Fix” arrived this afternoon.  I was so excited, I only took one picture of the box and then ripped it open.

Stitch Fix

First up: A beautiful 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan. I absolutely love the color. It’s also lightweight so it’ll be perfect for layering in the spring and summer. This is a keeper. At $48.00, it’s not bad on the pocketbook either.

Stitch Fix 1

Next: Ellison Davis Leopard Print Button-Up Cardigan.  Not all to fond of animal print. It screams “Old lady” to me. This one is going back. $68.00

Stitch Fix 2

Next: Under Skies Briella Embroidery Detailed Peasant Tank. This will be great to layer with a jacket or wear on its own. I’ll be wearing this a ton in Guam. $54.00

Stitch Fix 3Next: 41Hawthorn Adrienne Lightweight Dragonfly Print Infinity Scarf. Love the colors and I’m a huge fan of scarves. $28.00

Stitch Fix 4Last but not least: Kensie Jeans Johnny Skinny Jeans. My stylist “Jill” must have been reading my mind. I’ve been wanting/needing another pair of skinny jeans. And these ones fit great!!! LOVE THEM!!! $88.00

Stitch Fix 5

I can’t wait for my next Fix to arrive. From what I’ve read, each Fix gets better and better.

My Next Stitch Fix | Jessica Fawn

I’d love to see what you’ve received in your first Fix.  Have you signed up?  If not, I’d love for you to use my referral link.  🙂

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Keeping busy…

Since moving to Maine, we’ve seen a lot of snow. And I mean, A LOT OF SNOW!!! I’m told by quite a few people that this has been one of the worst winters they’ve ever seen. With the bitter cold and all that white frozen stuff outside, we’ve spent a large amount of our time inside keeping warm.

This has given me lots of hours to organize and reorganize our belongings. We only have a couple of boxes left and for the most part are settled. Thankfully, I’ve met several wonderful people. Our new command has been very welcoming, even though we’re not technically attached yet, which has been nice. I’ve always been a very active participant in our Family Readiness Group (FRG) and didn’t want that to be any different once we got here.

I’ve also been working on more pieces for my shop. It’s so much fun introducing new things and I look forward to sharing them with you.

I also delve into almost everyday too. It’s somewhat of an addiction for me. I’ve traced my ancestry clear back to the 1600’s and its sooooo fascinating. My Grandmother gave me a book about my ancestry which I’ve been transcribing into my “tree” online. It’s truly amazing seeing what I have on paper connect with what I find online.

I’ve also just recently found Stitch Fix. Have you heard about this? It’s an amazing concept. Stitch Fix is a subscription service that sends you clothes and accessories. While I do love to shop, I truly HATE stepping into dressing rooms. I often find myself buying something in a couple of sizes, bringing them home, and returning what doesn’t fit. Or, in some cases returning both sizes if I don’t like how it looks on me. It’s also not easy to try things on with a two-year-old.

Stitch Fix to the rescue. All you do is create your “style profile”. Your profile consists of choosing things you like and dislike, giving your sizes, and linking to a “style” Pinterest Board (if you have one you’d like to share with your stylist). Once you’ve completed your profile, you select your delivery date for your first fix. You can choose to receive a “fix” once, monthly, or at any time you choose. Once you complete your “fix” profile, your own stylist gets to work selecting five hand-picked items based on your style profile. It’s mailed to you with a handy card with  styling tips, a prepaid envelope to return what you don’t like, and if you decide to buy everything you were sent, you save 25%. How awesome is that?

I just received an email today stating my “fix” was shipped. I’m so excited for it to arrive. I’ll be sure to share it with you when it arrives. And take pictures, of course. Check out more about Stitch Fix and I would totally love love love it if you used my referral link. 😉

Going to get back to transcribing more of my genealogy.

Hope all of you are doing well and keeping busy…

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Erin Condren Haul & Review

I wrote about a short while ago and I’m oh-so-excited to share my order & review with you!!!

*UPDATE*  The giveaway has ended.  A BIG thanks to all entrants.  I just may have to hold another one.  🙂  You can still save $10 on your first purchase here.

This post is going to be picture heavy…

Ready?  Lets go.

What did I order?  Well, I guess I should say what didn’t I order? *smiling*

The Life Planner, of course, in “favorite things”.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?  I love how pretty it is, with all the colors and my favorite things listed… I’m a tad giddy.  I’ll talk more about the LP further into the post.  For now, lets continue with the haul.  🙂

An Island Fleur candle.  It smells absolutely Ah-maze-ing!!!! I received one of the little samples of the body butter over the holidays and it’ll be in my cart next time I order from Erin Condren.  Erin Condren nailed the scent with the following description…

Close your eyes and imagine you’ve escaped to an island paradise!  This scent was created to capture memories of my honeymoon in Bora Bora.  A blend of gardenia, tuberose and white florals perfectly balanced by ginger, spices & fresh greens take me back to white sand beaches, crystal clear waters & breezy blue skies!”

Island Fleur certainly reminds me of our time in Hawaii and Guam.  The Island Fleur scent is available not only in the candle, shown above, but also body butter and body scrub.  The glass the candle resides in is absolutely stunning.  I know I’ll be buying several of these to make my house smell amazing and for beautiful glasses for cocktails.  A few friends may also get them as gifts. 🙂

My new iPhone case!!! YIPPEEEE!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  It’s not only sturdy (yes, I’ve dropped it already), but it’s also in “favorite things” so it matches my LP and my other EC goodies… you’ll see more soon as you continue reading.  I was a bit thrown at first when I got it.  I’m used to cases that separate front to back not bottom to top, if that makes any sense.   Do you see the seam?  It’s right in the middle of the letter “e” in my name.  It’s not a problem and it hasn’t come apart when it has been dropped, I just didn’t realize this is where it would come apart to put it on my phone.

Currently, EC makes iPhone cases for the following device models;  iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, and iPhone 3.

I’m not sure if she’ll offer cases for other smart phones anytime soon, but I would be surprised if she doesn’t.

Colorful markers.  I write with a pencil a ton because things change over and over again.  I’m a bit of a pen and marker hoarder (shhh don’t tell anyone) so I couldn’t pass up on these.  I’m glad I didn’t.  They have a fine fiber point and flow really nicely.  Another great thing, no bleeding through the pages.  That’s a plus!!  A set of these babies include the following colors; red, pink, orange, blue, green, & purple.  They even come in a great sturdy laminated box.

I also ordered a set of elastic bands to keep my LP closed and a set of stickers for my iPad mini.  Don’t know why but I didn’t take a picture of them by themselves.  You can see them in the first photo above.  I plan on ordering an address book so I’ll be able use another one of the bands I already have and still have an extra if one gets lost.

I will say, I was a bit disappointed with the iPad mini stickers.  While they looked exactly as they should, they were smaller than the iPad mini and smart case.  The pictures on EC show the stickers going clear to the edge of the device/case, but there is a good 1/4″ space between the edge of the sticker and the edge of the device itself.  I won’t complain though because they did give me a bunch extra and I was able to put one on my Kindle case and it fit perfectly.  like a glove.

Now onto the review of the Life Planner.

The cover and tabs are really nicely made.  They’re laminated so they’ll be protected from anything wet, dirty, or sticky, like little two-year-old hands.  I chose to have my name put on the cover with the year on the second line.  I’ve seen a bunch people customize there’s with quotes or various sayings.  It’s fun to put together, that’s for sure.  The coil is made of heavy-duty aluminum so it won’t get bent out of shape which happened to my calendars ALL the time.

Onto the beauty inside. For a larger view of each picture, click on it.

I ordered two sheets of these stickers.  One for the month view and one for the week view.

Overall, I’m very please with my order and the Life Planner.  I’ve used it everyday since it’s arrival and it’s made me feel soooo much better knowing exactly what is planned day-to-day.  I’m a bit OCD when it comes to planning so a big THANKS to Erin Condren.  I LOVE YOU!!!!

Before I bid you farewell until my next post, let’s get to the Giveaway.  I’m giving away, not one, but TWO $50 Erin Condren gift cards.  YUP!! TWO!!!  Two lucky winners will have a little shopping spree on me.  🙂

Here’s the small print.  The Giveaway ends on 2/28/2014 at 12:00 AM EST.  There’s only one mandatory entry.  All the rest are optional and some you can do daily to increase your chances of winning.  🙂  This post is not sponsored by anyone and I purchased these gift cards myself.  If you do plan on purchasing from, you can use my special link here to save $10 on your first purchase.  Once you’ve used my link, I’ll save $10 too.  Win.  Win.

There’s also a Life Planner & Label combo sale right now.  You’ll save 40%!!!  Crazy!!!  Sadly, you can’t use the $10 off with this though, but it’s still a great deal.  Not sure when it ends, so take advantage while you can.

Now go fill out the entry form and GOOD LUCK!!!  I look forward to choosing  your name when I draw the winners.  🙂 - Erin Condren Haul, Review & Giveaway

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A much needed moving vent…

I have to apologize now before you get any further in this post.  It’s going to be heavy on the whining and venting.  I may sound like a three-year old by the time this post ends so I do apologize.  Maybe it’ll make me feel better if I get it all out…  even if no one ends up reading it.  So here goes…

I want this move to be over.  NOW!!!!  Why can’t it be over and done??

(kicking and screaming on the floor)

I’m sick of the endless clutter on our countertops of stuff we need but that can’t truly be put away because the movers, for the second time, will be here tomorrow.  I’m tired of the nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something important.

I’m sooooo missing our nice comfy bed after sleeping almost a month on our Aerobed.   One or two nights, even three, would be ok.  My body is screaming at me for sleeping on it for close to a month.

I want our home back.  With all the blank walls and lack of furniture, the barking from our dogs is INSANE.  The constant echoes and volume is ear-piercing.

Thankfully it’s getting closer and closer to being over.

This afternoon, Matt takes his Jeep to Matson and I take the pups to the vet to get their health certificates for their flights on the 11th.

Tomorrow, the movers will be here to take whats left of our belongings (the not-so-comfy-after-sleeping-on-it-for-too-many-nights Aerobed, TV, kitchen essentials, toys, etc.).

Wednesday we take all of our suitcases, the pups and their crates, and the kid (of course) to the lodge on base, the Royal Alakai, where we’ll be staying until we leave island on the 14th.

In about a week the Hawaii part of the move will be done.  Then it’ll be onto the Maine part…

A visit with family in Sharon, MA, accepting our new temporary-home in Kittery, waiting for our HHG (household goods) to arrive, and then putting the house together again just to live in some form of normalcy for a short while just to turn around and do it all over again in about a year.  sigh.
For now, I’ll continue doing what I have been.  Take everything one day at a time and try not to stress about things I cannot do anything about.

I feel a bit better…

Are you moving/PCSing anytime soon?  What things do you hate about moving?

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11 days left in Hawaii

We’ve been without all of our HHG (household goods) since Dec 10th.  I’ve been without my Jeep since Nov 6th.

Let me just say how boring it gets without having all of my projects to work on.  It’s been nice having the break, but knowing I could be working on stuff for my shop makes me not only sad but also a tiny bit crazy.

What does one do without projects?

H and I have been spending a lot more time at the park, which we both love.  He enjoys going down the slide the most but the funny thing is, he only goes down the double slide with me right next to him.  He won’t go down the bumpy one of the squiggly one… it’s so cute.  He takes my hand and pulls me to the slide over and over and over again.

Dinner every night is a bit tricky.  I have to plan something really, and I mean REALLY, simple because again, I don’t have all my tools handy since they’re all on their way to Maine.

We only have 4 more nights left in our house and then we’ll be on our way to the Royal Alakai (read about our previous stay here).  Our final “express” pack out is on Tuesday and then we’ll do a cleanup of the house in time for our final inspection on Thursday.  It’ll be nice not having to worry about anymore pack outs.  We’ll bring the dogs to the airport next Saturday and then a few days later we follow them.

It’s going so very fast but I wish I could do a little wiggle of the nose I Dream of Jeannie style and just be there and settled.  How nice would that be?

How will you fill your blank pages?



A friend of mine posted this wonderful Brad Paisley quote on Facebook today.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.”

It’s so very true.  The statement “Happy New Year” is relative.  It’s what we makes of it.  It could end up being all together awful or down right amazing.

I hope you all have a safe NEW YEAR’S EVE and a great start to 2014!!!

35 Ways YOU Can Become a Stupenda-Dependa!


Found this over on and HAD to share because it’s downright hilarious.

Please keep in mind, this is meant to be funny and in no way a serious piece.  Enjoy 🙂

35 Ways YOU Can Become a Stupenda-Dependa

35.  Keep your house free of any and all clutter (no matter how small your base housing) and white-glove inspection ready every single minute of every single day.

34.  Have no political opinions, whatsoever.

33.  Never, ever have twinkies or bon bons where anyone can see them in your home.  The only way to enjoy these delightful sinful treats should be by mail-ordering them, hollowing out a secret cubby in the back of the closet to store them in, and eating them in the cover of darkness.

32.  Don’t ask anyone, under any circumstance, about their service member’s rank.  In fact, if you could just re-program your brain to completely forget that word altogether?  Extra Stupdenda points.

31.  Do not ever wear flip flops, yoga pants or sweats.  No, not even at home.  No, not even while you sleep.

30.  Don’t have more than two kids.

29.  Open your cabinet and make sure you only have ONE brand of ketchup.

28.  Park in the very back of any parking lot on base, even if you rate a closer parking spot.  No one likes a slacker, especially if you are a pregnant slacker… or a slacker with infant twins.

27.  Always work full-time and if you are not working 60 hours a week to contribute to the household, spend at LEAST 60 hours volunteering per week.

26.  Single-handedly run the Commissary on Mondays to keep it open during the Sequester.

25.  Homeschool your children AND all the third-graders on your base.

24.  After having your second baby (remember ONLY have two) lose every pound or inch of flab within 5 weeks of delivery so your husband doesn’t have to be ashamed of your muffin-top at the base pool.

23.  Don’t take advantage of that bagger at the Commissary.  After he bags, tip him $20, then insist that you carry three carts of groceries out to your own car (in the very back of the parking lot), in the pouring rain, uphill, nursing both of your infant twins.

22.  On trash day make sure you are waiting outside for the collectors to come by so that your trash can doesn’t spend a solitary second on the curb after they leave.

21.  Don’t ever spend a single penny of your husband’s paycheck on anything that does not directly impact him.  After all, it is NOT your money.

20.  Never, ever speak to anyone in your spouse’s command.  What if you accidentally hiccup?  That could totally ruin their career.

19.  Greet each new neighbor with a freshly-baked, gluten-free friendship bread kit, a casserole, houseplant, and a hand-stamped, homemade “welcome” card made of recycled paper.

18.  Carry a scraper in your purse so you can help your fellow spouses by removing those ridiculous “Hardest Job in the Military” and “Half My Heart is Deployed” stickers from their cars.

17.  Own one (and ONLY one) military themed tee-shirt which you only wear twice a year so that you appear “just proud enough”.

16.  Own lots of tee-shirts that read “I am a CIVILIAN, I am NOT in the Military”

15.  When attending a ball, only wear a formal gown that covers all areas from your chin down to your ankles.  Also… only spend $15 on this dress, but make sure it is in mint condition and has never been worn by anyone at a prom.

14.  Learn every single acronym, regulation, custom or other piece of knowledge about military life so you never have to bother anyone with a stupid question.

13.  Realize that you knew exactly what you were getting into when you married a military member.  Suck it up, put on your big girl panties, and deal with it.  And do it with a smile.

12.  Get up every single morning with your spouse and make sure he has a hot meal, a bagged lunch, and a box of brownies for his entire unit before leaving for PT at 4 am.

11.  Don’t even consider moving home to live near family with your two infant twins during deployment.  You shouldn’t need extra support from those that love you.  Remember, you knew what you were getting into!

10.  Make sure you are wearing a full face of makeup, are dressed in slacks or a dress (minimum) and have perfectly styled hair whenever leaving your home.   Anything less means you have little respect for yourself, and even less for your man.

9.  Only call your spouse by the legal name given to him/her at birth.  Don’t use any nicknames like “hubby”, “hubs”, “My Soldier” or any other nonsense.

8.  Attend every single home-based business party you are invited to and always purchase something.  But never, EVER decide to sell any of these products.  That’s just annoying.

7.   Only consider yourself to be a professional photographer after obtaining an advanced degree and having 20 years of experience where you don’t charge a dime for your services.

6.   Never ask for a military discount.

5.  When civilian friends complain about a 3-day business trip, smile and say “I am so glad you understand!  That is exactly the same as a deployment!”

4.  1-year deployment looming?  Have 52 weekly themed care packages packed and ready to go before you even say goodbye.

3.  Never complain about medical care you may (or may not) receive.  After all, don’t you know how “lucky” you are that we have “free” health care?

2.  Love each and every duty station your spouse is ever assigned to.  Period.

1.  Never, ever…. EVER own a Coach purse.

A big THANKS to the following contributors, over at, for putting together this hysterical list.

Kate Dolack, Jen McDonald, Rebekah Sanderlin, Kristi Luchi, Erin Whitehead, Cyndia Rios-Myers, Stacy Huisman, Alisha Youch, Clarice Williams and Tia Johnson

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did…