… oh, how I hope you understand.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a long while… but it’s hard for me to say, let alone write, but I feel I have to.

Why has it been hard to say/write?

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I feel mine are being hurt, so it’s something I need to address.  This post isn’t being written for one specific person but for everyone…  family, friends, and all of my readers.

I have been officially off birth control for a little over a year, while Matt and I didn’t start officially trying to conceive until June.

I’ve had several people give advice, wish me luck, and say “just don’t think about it” (which I’ve blogged about before).  While it was nice at first, it’s actually causing me more stress then it is helpful.

It’s brought up in conversations… “So, how’s the baby making going?”… “Have you made a baby yet?”… “You need to make a baby!”.  Like I said, this was nice at first.

If I’ve brought it up in a conversation, comment, or blog post, I welcome your words… but to just come out and say these things, when they’re unwarranted, actually hurts.  It’s like a knife is being stabbed in my already hurting heart.  I know those that say them don’t mean it to, but it does, because I am already putting so much pressure on myself and I don’t need the added pressure.  I’ll be honest… as I write this I can’t help but cry.

Please understand… I love your support, I really, really do…  I’m just super sensitive to anything “baby” these days, especially talk of the little bundles.

…oh, how I hope you understand.






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