Oh. Em. Gee. Beauty and the Beast

How many of you were absolutely in love with the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast growing up?

Beauty & the Beast

I ADORED this movie. Belting out every song. Begging to watch it again and again!  And even now I still know all the words. It’s funny.

A friend shared the teaser trailer for the new live-action re-telling of the tale on Facebook today. I literally got goosebumps watching it.

The best part? Some of my favorite talent is involved; Emma Watson (Harry Potter series, of course) plays Bell, Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey’s Matthew Crawley) plays Beast, and  Bill Condon the man behind The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 & 2 and Dream Girls is Directing.

Oh my gosh, am I looking forward to seeing this movie!!!

2 thoughts on “Oh. Em. Gee. Beauty and the Beast

  1. Malia | Wandering Malia says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite Disney classic of all time! And Disney has been doing a fantastic job with their live reboots. The casting seems amazing so far, I’m actually pretty excited for who is playing Gaston 😉

    • JessicaFawn says:

      Oh Yes!!! Mr. Evans will make a great Gaston. I can already see it. Thank you for stopping by. I hopped over to your blog and was so pleased a fellow Navy spouse found mine. 🙂 Hooyah! And Welcome Home to your honey. That’s always a very exciting time. Your pictures are great!

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