oh boy… has it been a while.

Ok. So I know it’s been forever since I posted last and a lot has happened but little has changed. Well in the grand scheme of things, little has changed.

We’re finally settled in Guam. Living life as it comes. Honey is underway. As usual. Doing what he does best and loving it. While we miss him, he’s doing what he’s meant to.

{the little black boat.} is doing well. It’s keeping me busy along with all the ins and outs of Mommy-hood. Holden is loving school and all of his friends. He had two birthday parties this past Saturday and let me tell you that makes for an awful long weekend. I’m looking forward to taking a breather this weekend with Memorial Day.

We’ll probably take a drive out to Asan Memorial Park to pay our respects to all the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom. I’ll be sure to post pics.

Going to try my darndest to post more often. But you know how many times I’ve said that. Ha ha.

I’ve been working on lots of new projects for {tlbb}. It’s so very fun. I’ve also ventured into something new that I’ll post more about soon. It’s SOOO very exciting and I’m loving it.

In the mean time, I’ll say ciao for now! ha ha!

2 thoughts on “oh boy… has it been a while.

    • JessicaFawn says:

      It is. Guam is such a beautiful island. We’re enjoying the time we have left but antsy to find out where we’re heading next. 🙂 Gotta love that hurry up and wait life.

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