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Hi there!

After a bunch of thought, I decided to jump into vlogging a bit. I’ll still be writing here as well, but thought some posts might be easier with video.

I’ve been wanting to give a tour of our house for a while. Why? Well, there may be someone moving to the area with a boat coming to the yard or a new Coastie family moving to the Coast Guard station and a bunch of other reasons. I’m the type of person that wants to know as much about a place as possible before I move there and videos always help. Hopefully mine will help those trying to decide whether they want to live in the Military/Privatized housing or out in the economy.

Now, I’ll be honest, and I’m always honest here… If I had to do it over, I would not have moved into this house.


• It’s small. While it’s only temporary, it is very small.

• I hear my neighbors quite often, especially in the winter months when most people are inside.

• The housing isn’t segregated. This may sound awful, but again, I’m being honest. We pay far, FAR, more for the same square footage in this house than those of lower ranks and it really isn’t fair.
Why did we choose to live here and not out on the economy?

One- We moved in January. Yup, in the dead of winter. We didn’t want to have to look around at a ton of places… We just wanted to move in and be settled before Matt had to leave for school for about two months.

Two- It was just easier. We knew exactly how close it was to the yard and when Matt did check in to the boat, we wanted him to be close to work and not have to drive too far.

Three- We had been communicating with the housing folks for a few months before moving in and we could literally move right in without having to stay in a hotel. All we had to wait for was an available date for the movers to bring our HHG (Household Goods).

I am grateful that we are so close to work for Matt and I have met some of the BEST people (you know who you are), so I won’t say I’ve hated every minute because that would be a lie.

What I will say is this.

If you don’t have a ton of furniture (like we do),

If you are used to living in an “itty-bitty-living-space” (channeling Genie from Aladdin),

AND you are a junior enlisted family (E1-E6),

I’d say this place is great.

Again, it’s temporary and we’ve made do. Soon we’ll be packing up and on our way out anyways.

Onto the vlog.

Please be sure to leave any comments, questions, etc. in the comment section below and I’ll make sure to answer them. If you have any special video or post requests, please share them too.

2 thoughts on “Now vlogging…

  1. George says:

    Thank you for the information. I was curious if PPV took out the whole BAH regardless of rank. Other places charged a set rent. Still looking forward to a new place though.

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