Need to vent…

I’m not one to complain but today I have to vent as I feel like I’m going to explode.

This underway has been extremely difficult on me.  Not having my husband around on a day-to-day basis is hard, but when it’s during the holidays, it’s especially hard.  He’s missed Thanksgiving & Chanukah already and will also be missing Christmas and New Years.  I’m so bummed… but it doesn’t end there.

A bunch of wives recently flew to Japan to meet the boat.  Before going, one of them asked if I would mind watching her dog.  I said yes, because I didn’t want her not being able to go because she can’t find someone to watch her.  Now as I type this, her little dog, a teacup Chihuahua named Cali, is sitting in my lap.  She’s sweet, really she is… but… here’s the inevitable but, she’s so hyper, she doesn’t listen, and for the life of me, I don’t know why, she won’t go #2 outside.  It’s ALWAYS inside… and not even on her little puppy pads.  She pees on the puppy pads, but won’t do the other deed on it.  I take her out so often hoping she will but she doesn’t.

Now on a normal day I wouldn’t care… so I’m picking up little surprises all the time, but tonight I’m having girlfriends over for dinner and a movie (Eclipse is finally out on DVD).  Not only do I not want to be picking up her little surprises, but I also don’t want my house smelling like a kennel.

The frustration doesn’t end there…

A friend of mine, I’ve written about her a few times, is one of the wives visiting Japan.  She left her dog, a breed related to the Pit Bull, with another wife that didn’t go.  This wife was admitted into the hospital leaving the dog, Buddy, without someone to take care of him.  My friend messages me on Facebook, asking for my help.  Clearly I have a hard time saying “No”, but really how could I?  She called me earlier this morning to give me the address of where to pick Buddy up… and then called me again shortly after her first call to tell me I couldn’t pick the dog up until after 5:30 PM because no one would be at the house.  I have people coming over at 6:30PM!  UGH!!!!

Now my house is going to have 4, yes, four, dogs in it, all while also having a dinner party.  I just hope that all of them get along and don’t cause too much havoc.

For now, I’m going to take a deep breath, put my big girl panties on and frost the Carrot Pineapple cake I baked yesterday.  This venting has helped a little and I hope nothing else is added to the already full plate I have this weekend…   I’ll be sure to post pictures from tonight’s dinner party soon.

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