My trip… so far

I had planned on blogging from the beginning of my trip home, but it never happened.  So here I am changing that while soaking up some beautiful sun.
Matt and I left for the airport just before 4 AM.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 6:50.  Matt dropped me off and I was quickly to the counter ready to check-in.  While doing so, the gal behind the counter told me the flight was overbooked and asked if I’d like to take a voucher and take a later flight.  I had to pass since I knew people had already planned on picking me up during my layover and when I landed in Seattle.
The line at security went smoothly and I found myself at my gate sooner than anticipated.  Once there, one of the people working at the gate called my name.  A family traveling with an ill baby needed to be seated together and I happen to have the seat they needed.  To accommodate them, and thank me, I was upgraded to a bulk head seat.  After that was taken care of I was glad I chose to not take the voucher.
My flight was pretty uneventful.  I tried to sleep but there’s no comfortable way to sleep when you’re smooshed like only couch seats can make you smooshed.  Thankfully I had a nice layover in Honolulu where I was able to catch up with an old friend, Marlo, and also get something to eat that wasn’t airplane or airport food.   Marlo and her family used to also be attached on the boat with us in Guam.  They’re now stationed in Pearl Harbor.  I was able to see her house (which happens to be part of Navy housing) and it’s beautiful.  Soon it was time to get back to the airport to catch my connecting flight to Seattle.
Once in the airport I checked the screens listing all departures and arrivals.  My flight was on time and departing at gate 61.  I made my way through security pretty quickly and checked the screens again.  My flight was now delayed.  Oh well.  I found a Starbucks (mmm-mmm-mm), ordered a tall Chai latte (one of my favorite things) and a muffin.  Finding a seat was a little difficult.   People were lined up against walls and sitting on the floor.  I found a spot and hunkered down for what ended up being an additional hour and a half wait.
My wait didn’t seem all that long since I had my Kindle and plenty of books to read.  This flight was also very, very, very f-u-l-l, full.  I was seated at the very end of the plane in a window seat, which isn’t my favorite thing in the entire world.  The guy next to me wasn’t in any way staying in his seat either, and I don’t mean he kept getting up to move, I mean he was spilling into my seat.  Needless to say my flight was extremely uncomfortable.
I, again, did my best to get some sleep but was inevitably unable to.  Thankfully this flight was the shorter of the two and I would be landing in close to 6 hours.  Once I landed I called my sister, dad, and grandma to let them know I had arrived.  I would have called Matt but it was already well into his work day and he told me to just call him after I got some rest.
My sister, Janelle, was waiting for me in the waiting area and it was soooo great to see her.  It’s amazing the connection sisters can have.  It’s been over a year and a half since I saw her last and yet it seems like I just saw her but also like I haven’t seen her in forever.  We were able to get my baggage from baggage claim without incident and then we were off to breakfast.We ate some great food at Geraldine’s Counter.  It’s a tiny little place with a fabulous menu.  Here’s a picture of what they call their Blueberry Coffee Cake.
My trip… so far |
My trip… so far |
The next few days are a blur now but I was so excited to be somewhere with cooler weather.  I kept hearing people complain that it was “SO HOTT!!”  but it was much cooler then I was used to in Guam so I was content with the weather.
Janelle had to run some errands on the Silverdale side of the water which was perfect since one of my best friends, Fay, lived close by.  Fay met us and soon we were at the Boat Shed for lunch.  Here she is…
My trip… so far |
Oh how I love her….
I’ll post more soon.  🙂






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