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Candace over at The Luckiest recently posted and then linked up to this great post at Star’s Pink World.  I am a big lover of Twilight as well so I had to do the same.  There are 10 questions listed, and you’re only required to answer a minimum of 5, but I had to answer all of them… I just had to.

{1} Are you going to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight release?

Yes.  I did, I should say.  And it was a blast.  I went with a group of friends, two of which I met that night.  Midnight showings are so much fun.  This one was especially fun for me.  Why?  Well as you all know, I’m prego, and I got to wear my “Lil’ Nudger” shirt.  It was perfect.

 My love for Twilight |

 My lil’ nudger.

My love for Twilight |

Three of the four ladies I went to the midnight showing with.  (the fourth, Athena, is taking the picture) Kayla, Lauren, Jessica, and Me.

My love for Twilight | Athena, Kayla, Lauren, and Jessica waiting in line outside the theater…

 My love for Twilight |

Me and my lil’ nudger.

{2}  Scene you’re most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn?

Are we talking part one or both?  It’s hard to choose just one… but I’d have to say the wedding for part one.  But if we’re talking the entire book (part one and two) then I’d say when Bella and Edward visit their little house in the woods for the first time.

{3}  Team Edward or Jacob?

In the books, Edward, without question.  But in the movies, I can’t say I’m either because I adore Taylor Lautner.  He’s a perfect Jacob.  But Robert Pattinson is great too.

{4}  Favorite book in the saga?

Breaking Dawn.  Its closer to an adult book and so much happens…  I just hope Stephenie Meyer decides to pick up writing the series some more.  There’s so many ways she could…  That would be amazing.

{5}  Favorite character in the series and why?

Alice.  She’s fashionable, quirky, fun and above all, she does what no one thought possible and it saves them in the end.  🙂  Besides the mystery of her past is intriguing too.

{6}  Why do you love Twilight?

It’s a great read and from the moment I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down.  The series helped me get back into reading and writing again.

{7}  Are the books or movies better?

The books, of course.  Movies are limited where your imagination with a book isn’t.  If they could split every movie into multiple parts or have made each one 5-6 hours long, then maybe the movies would be better, but they can’t.

{8}  What do you dislike about the series?

That it’s over.  I want to know what happens with Renesmee and Jacob.  I want to see a real battle between the Cullens and the Volturi.  I want more…. so much more.

{9}  Your craziest fan moment.

I don’t think its crazy, but those that aren’t fans would.  One of my best friends, Fay, and I took a road trip to Forks, WA and Oregon to see where Twilight was filmed.  None of the scenes were filmed in Forks, but we still wanted to go.  We saw so many of the places you see in the movie and it was a blast.  Here are some pics from our trip.

My love for Twilight | Me and a map of Washington… what am I pointing at?  La Push of course.

 My love for Twilight |

Here we are entering Forks.

 My love for Twilight |

 The diner where Bella & Charlie eat.  The bush in the picture is the one that Mike does his funny little dance with. 🙂

 My love for Twilight |

 The Forks police stations… in real life its a bank.

My love for Twilight | Fay and me at the View Point Inn, one of the places where the prom scenes were filmed.  We actually stayed here for a night.  It was such a wonderful place.  Sadly, there was a fire recently and the building has some major damage.  Hopefully it can be fixed to its original glory.

 My love for Twilight |

The high school.  Yup…. this is also the parking lot where Edward saved Bella from being crushed by the van.

 My love for Twilight |

Bella & Charlie’s house.

{10}  Do you have a Twilight collection?

I do.  Kind of.  I have all of the books, of course.  I have the Collector’s Edition of the books.  The graphic novels for Twilight. While I was in Forks, WA, I got sand and drift wood from La Push.  I have various t-shirts, a recreation of Bella’s engagement ring and bracelet…  I have some of the games.  I honestly have a lot.  But my house isn’t covered in it.  🙂

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