Move #3 is officially underway…

It’s almost that time again.  We’ve been here for over four years and we were supposed to leave after three.

Why am I so anxious to move?  Well, I always feel like a short-timer when it gets closer to the next move.  The anticipation, the stress, the newness… everything.  It’s great and hard at the same time.  I don’t think I’d do very well staying in the same place when there are so many places to see.

We won’t officially leave until next month, but our Jeep has already been shipped and our pack out is in two short weeks.

It’s already a good way into March… what happened to February?  It seems like just yesterday was New Year’s Eve.

We already have our PCS (permanent change of station) orders, which is sometimes half the battle, especially now.  A good amount of our friends are waiting for orders because they’re almost all on hold Navy wide.  Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that.

Now along with the move comes a new job for Matt.  He’s really looking forward to it and so am I because he’ll be home with me, rather than at sea.  More than likely he’ll have to travel a ton, but it’ll be shorter trips then he’s made the last four years… and we can use a phone and Skype…  It’s going to be truly wonderful.

Since Matt will be home, this means we’ll have time to try, try and try some more to start our family.  We’ll also be closer to family so we can visit without having to spend close to $2K a ticket.

A large part of moving, that I’d prefer to do without, is saying good-bye to friends.  Saying good-bye does go hand-in-hand with making new friends, and I know I’m bound to keep in touch with those I’ve become closest with.  That still doesn’t make saying good-bye any easier.

I’ll try to blog as often as I can in the next month or so… as much as the move allows.We’ll be trying to get into military housing, but the wait is 6-12 months long, so we’ll see how that pans out.  I’m ready to be there.  If there were only a way to fast forward all of the stressful parts of the move and just be settled again… oh how wonderful that would be.  I’m ready to leave this island and get to the next one…  I’m ready to go grocery shopping and not have trouble finding even the simplest of things… or shopping at a real mall…  or being able to shop online and not having to worry about if they’ll ship to my address and how high the shipping rates are.I’m ready for Starbucks… and Target… and highways.  Oh to be able to drive more than 45 MPH legally.  I’m ready for roads without potholes the size of the moon’s craters.

Pearl Harbor… here we come…  Move # 3 is officially underway…






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