missing him…

I don’t know how to explain my mood sometimes… especially when he’s away. Some days I’m as chipper as can be and the next I’m well… glum. It’s probably because I looked through a lot of our pictures today. Seeing his smiling face makes me miss him. I just …. really miss him.
I’m trying to keep myself as busy as I can. School is over and soon I’ll be able to teach so that’ll keep my mind off of his absence. Coming home to our empty house and knowing he won’t be walking through the door anytime soon just makes my missing him come to the front of my mind again.
I do have several Pampered Chef shows this month so that’ll help but … well there I go again with the buts.

I’ll just sign off for now… it’s almost 12:30 am and I should go to bed. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep better than I did last night.







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