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Remembering the lives lost.

Memorial Day Flags |

“Each Flag, a life

Row after row, flags flutter on the former battlefield of Asan Beach. A display of American flags is a familiar sight on Memorial Day in national cemeteries to remember service members whose lives were taken in war. Yet on Guam, remembrance is uniquely deeper as the war between 1941 and 1944 tragically took the lives of more than 20,000 Americans, Chamorros, and Japanese.

Today, identify them by more than their country, creed, or color. They were fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, young and old. The loss of life is more staggering than expressed in these flags.

Contemplate. Commemorate. Walk through the American and Guam flags. Each represents a life taken; 1,170 civilians and 1,880 American service members.

Many of those lives were lost here, in this national park, which was established to commemorate their bravery and sacrifice.”

Memorial Day Flags |

Memorial Day Flags | JessicaFawn.comMemorial Day Flags |

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I hope you paid your respects to those who fought and paid dearly on this Memorial Day and every day.

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