Looks like the tsunami has passed…

After a lot of worries and preparation the tsunami appears to be over. We’ll officially know within a few hours.
It was amazing seeing the wax and wane of the ocean. All of this from my hubby’s barracks room of course. I’m no explorer when it comes to a natural disaster, not me. I watched the news like a good girl and stayed far away from any danger. It’s a good feeling knowing everything could be back to some form of normalcy soon. Now for those of my friends in Guam, please still be cautious and alert. It’s still heading your way. It appears to be shrinking but you never know Mother Nature.
As I tweeted earlier, first signs of the tsunami hit Hilo around 1110. It’s now 1332 and I’m sitting back and waiting for the official tsunami warning to be lifted. The clock is still ticking but I’ll remember this day. The threat was big and thankfully nothing big happened. Aloha!!!







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