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Since I started blogging, years ago, I’ve always wanted to host a linkup but I’ve always been a bit scared to do it but thought, why not jump right in? Right?!? So here’s my first Linkup… Let’s Get Organized!!!  🙂

In a week, I’ll come back and share a couple of my favorite links and also the a few of the most visited links… so let’s get started!! Woot woot!!!

I’ve been wanting, No… NEEDING, to get things organized a bit better around the house. We’ll be packing everything up and moving clear across to the other side of the world, again, at the end of the year.  Having things together and not strewn across every room of the house will help tremendously.

I started doing all of this a few months ago once spring officially sprang.  The weather was beginning to warm up, finally, and soon our winter clothes were in the way.  Why not start there, right? All of our winter clothes will probably go unworn this year and they’ll more than likely stay in their bins for the next two years, give or take.

Before I jump into the organizing I want to share where I got my inspiration. I could literally list endless blogs I’ve found via Pinterest, and of course all the ones I follow faithfully, but then we’d be here all day and not get to how my organizing is coming along. So I’ll share the one specific to today’s organizing and that’s all about my sons clothes.

Toni, over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, had a great post a few months ago about organizing seasonal clothing. Seeing how pretty her daughter’s closet was made me get up and start tackling the mess of Holden’s closet.

Lets start with pictures of all the clothes I had to go through. I won’t say I’m embarrassed to share them, because I’m really not now that the closet looks so much better and could only continue to look better now that I have a system to keep it all organized.

Let's Get Organized Linkup- Kiddos clothes | JessicaFawn.com

When I was pregnant with Holden, I organized all his clothes according to month. He had lots and lots of clothes, just like his Daddy, and he wasn’t even born yet. When he started growing out of all of his itty-bitty clothes, which he did rather quickly, I set aside my favorites to, one day, make into a quilt. If I ever get to doing that is for another post on another day.  The stacked bins on the right, with clothes on top of them, are those very clothes I couldn’t part with. Today, I did part with some of them… it was hard, but I did.

The fabric storage cubes were once used on the shelves of his changing table. It doesn’t seem like they were used there for long and now they’ve just collected mismatched socks, clothes that aren’t worn or don’t fit, and the occasional car that Holden will sneak in to hide them from who, I have no idea.

Before putting little man down for his nap I took all of Holden’s clothes out of his dresser and closet along with all the odds and ends that were on the floor of his closet.  I piled it all on my bed knowing I’d be doing this whole project while he was napping. WOW. My bed was almost covered. How did we end up with so much and how in the world did it all fit into his tiny closet and dresser?

I started separating it all using the good ol’ piles that always come to mind; Trash, Donate, Keep.

As I separated it all, I immediately put trash into a trash bag, donated pieces into a box and subsequently into one of those fabric storage cubes because I ended up running out of room, and clothes that I wanted to keep into another pile that I’d separate further.

Let's Get Organized Linkup- Kiddos clothes | JessicaFawn.com

The pile to throw away and donate was pretty good.  All the “keep” clothes that weren’t going to be worn until fall or winter I separated as follows;


Bigger sizes


Outer wear


Quilt clothes

Let's Get Organized Linkup- Kiddos clothes | JessicaFawn.com

I put blankets into one of the fabric storage cubes and all the other piles in their own bin with the exception of the quilt clothes, they needed two bins. The bins in the picture above are from Target.

Let's Get Organized Linkup- Kiddos clothes | JessicaFawn.com

Then I broke out my trusty label maker and made labels for each bin.  Once I had all the bins labeled and he was awake, I put the bins back into H’s closet. I put the quilt clothes in the corner knowing I won’t be needing them anytime soon.

Let's Get Organized Linkup- Kiddos clothes | JessicaFawn.com

Whenever I put clothes away now, its so much easier. I no long have to push things into over stuffed drawers with clothes that aren’t being worn for various reasons.

Next project is our Master Closet.  It’s a doozy too. Oh boy… it’ll take a lot longer than Holden’s closet did, that’s for sure.

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Thanks so much for joining me on my first LinkUp. I hope you’ll come back again soon and see what else we’ve been doing in this crazy house of ours…

Linked to: A Bowl Full of Lemons and I Heart Organizing

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