jeans and strawberries

Today I took a trip to the commissary to get some much-needed produce and found strawberries on sale for $1.99 a carton. Usually they’re more like $3.99 a carton. I bought two cartons and got home and had a thought… “why not stock up while they are cheap and freeze them”.

I called my friend Liz to see if she wanted to go on a trip around base to our various errand places and she needed to go to the commissary. I didn’t mind going again.

Before going to the commissary we decided to go run other errands to avoid having our groceries over heating in the car while running those errands. We stopped at the NEX and while browsing the sale racks I came across a pair of Lucky jeans that were originally $140.00. I quickly looked at the size, because most of the time things I really want are never found in my size and on the clearance rack. They were my size. On the price tag they were marked down to $87.97 and then down again to $55.96. I thought to myself, “ok, if they fit right and I love them, I’m willing to pay $56 bucks. At least I’m saving $84.” Well I tried them on, and they fit so nicely. Pants are the hardest things for me to find that fit right so I knew I had to have these jeans.

I found some other cute shirts that were also on sale and made my way to the register. When the cashier was ringing all of my stuff up I looked to see what I was saving and saw my wonderful new jeans rang up as $39.17. I was sooooo happy. I saved over $100.00 on them.

When we made it to the commissary I decided to buy four more cartons. Yes that sounds like a lot of strawberries but I’ve been using them every morning in my smoothie so why not have fresh ones that I’ve personally frozen instead of paying more for ones that are in the freezer section.

I’m so glad I saved and got some great stuff today… hopefully I’ll have more luck the next time I’m searching for a bargain.







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