It’s been a while…

I haven’t written in a while for several reasons…
I have had several Pampered Chef shows this month so they have been keeping me very busy. I had four shows in one weekend, which I had a blast doing, but was very happy when the weekend was over. I had two more the following weekend and then it was time to prepare for Turkey Day.

It's been a while... |

It's been a while... |

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holiday. This one was a little harder than others since Matt is out to sea, but my friends made it nice. I had three girlfriends over and one of them brought her three kids, so my table was full, which was what I wanted more than anything with Matt being gone.

It's been a while... |

Aunt Jeri, you would be proud… I had the table set and all my serving pieces and plates out the night before with little post-its with the dishes name on it for where it belonged. I woke up bright and early with plenty of time to get my bearings together and get the 16 pound turkey in the over. Yes, I said 16 pound turkey. It was the smallest one I could find at the commissary and I went a good week and a half before Thanksgiving. The commissary was also out of canned pumpkin too. My friend, Liz, bought me some out in town that was close to $4 a can. It was organic, which I’m sure is half of why it was so pricey, but at the same time it was also purchased out in town. I was glad I picked up a pre-made pie though as I ran out of time to make my pies anyway. The reason I ran out of time… well that’s my own fault.

 It's been a while... |

Liz, Alison, Juli, and I went to see Twilight, my new obsession, on the 21st. We went to the midnight showing and it was well worth it. I started reading Twilight, the first of four books in the Twilight Saga, just prior to seeing the movie. Now many of you may laugh, as the book is intended for a young adult audience, mainly teenage girls, but I just can’t put the books down. I will say my friends read much quicker then I do though. Liz, Alison, and Juli have all finished the books, and I am in the middle of the third one. Some of them just won’t sleep though until they’ve read it all.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this book has kept my mind busy. It’s been nice to have such a great book to curl up to and the relaxing has been well needed.

I’ll be submitting my application next week to substitute teach for the government schools here in Guam. I just need to get my police clearance done and then I’ll finally submit it.

Now, back to my book… if you haven’t read it yet, check the Twilight Saga out… it’s really good.







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