Entire Home:
Windows and windowsills washed
Blinds dusted
Baseboards and other wall moldings washed
Doors and door frames washed and disinfected
Light switch plates washed and disinfected
Ceiling fans dusted (washed when necessary)
Walls and ceiling corners dusted
Wood furniture dusted and conditioned
Trash and recycling removed and trash can exterior washed
Upholstered furniture vacuumed
Leather furniture wiped down
Pillows and cushions fluffed and arranged
Blankets folded or arranged
Stair rails disinfected
Shoes left out neatly straightened
Floors vacuumed or mopped based on need and floor type

Microwave interior and exterior washed
Appliance exteriors cleaned
Crumb removal with toasters and toaster ovens
​Coffee makers wiped down
Countertops and backsplash scrubbed
Sink sanitized (polished if stainless steel)
Sink fixtures polished
Cabinet exteriors scrubbed
Dining table and chairs washed

Bed linens changed (when clean linens are left out)
Dirty linens washed upon request
Beds made (if no linens are left out)
Trash removal

Countertops scrubbed
Countertop items dusted (washed when necessary)
Sinks and faucets sanitized and polished
Mirrors cleaned
Towel fixtures washed and polished
Bathtub and shower scrubbed and sanitized
Cabinet exteriors scrubbed
Toilets inside and outside washed and sanitized

Laundry Room:
Washer and dryer wiped down
Trash removal

Light dusting (unless requested otherwise)
Trash removal
Light organizing