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I want to:

make a baby and not worry so much about it not happening.  know that it will happen when the time is right.

run more.  teach my body to run more. take care of myself.  get in better shape.  not define this by a number on the scale, or a size on a tag.  feel good about myself.

take better pictures.  learn how to shoot fully in manual.   no more AV stuff.

have a date night with Matt.  and kissing, always lots and lots of kissing.  🙂


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I will:

turn 29.

move to Hawaii.  finally have my husband around for shore duty.

celebrate 9 wonderful years with the love of my life.  celebrate 6 wonderful years of wedded bliss.

continue being creative, no matter the medium I’m using.  keep loving my business, {the little black boat.}.


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I am determined to:

be happy.  grateful.  courageous.

continue living a simple life. handle pressure with more grace.  be kind.  say thank you and look people in the eye.  smile at others when they cross my path.  not let the fact that I am having a bad day change the way I treat people.  know happiness is my responsibility.

So here’s to 2011.  The start to another year and another decade.





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