I can’t wait to share our news, but I will!!!

Today has to be the second best day of my life, the first being the day I married Matt.  Why?


After trying for almost a year, I finally got a positive result on not one, but two tests.

The last couple days have been pretty stressful.  From our final housing inspection to having to part with my pups, it hasn’t been a very fun few days.

Last night Matt and I met a couple of friends at one of our favorite restaurants in Guam, Mermaid Tavern.  Matt ordered his usual 20 oz. Irish Red and I ordered a Mojito (one of my favorite things in this world) and a water.  When my Mojito came, it was suuppper strong.  I had only planned on having this one drink because I wanted Matt to be able to enjoy his favorite Mermaid Tavern brew.  I wasn’t even able to drink half of it.  I told Matt, “I’m not going to be able to finish this, it’s too strong.”  He laughed at me and said, “take your time, we’ll be here for a while.”  I sipped it, and just couldn’t do it.  I think my body was trying to tell me something.  I drank my water, like a good girl, and couldn’t get enough of it.  The last few days, I’ve been drinking so much water it’s insane.  My mouth is always so dry.

I had been wearing a super pad, sorry for the TMI, for the last week waiting for good ol’ Aunt Flow to arrive.  She didn’t… and then didn’t again… and then didn’t again.  I’d had this happen the last few months so I told myself, “don’t get excited yet.”  My breasts have been sore, but this wasn’t new either.  It happens every time Aunt Flow is getting nearer to visiting.

For the last month or so Matt and I have been sleeping on our Aero Bed.  We didn’t want to sleep on a loaner bed, for one – we’ve heard they aren’t that comfy and second – its gross thinking about all the people sleeping on it.  Well our Aero Bed isn’t any more comfortable, I imagine.  I didn’t sleep well at all.  I just chalked it up to the mattress.  A couple of days ago we checked into the Westin.  The Westin has what they call a “Heavenly Bed”.  It’s amazing.  Matt and I have even decided we plan on buying one when we get settled in Hawaii.  While I’ve slept on the Heavenly Bed before, it wasn’t as heavenly to me.  I still couldn’t sleep.  I guess this was another way my body was trying to tell me something.

 I can't wait to share our news, but I will!!! | JessicaFawn.com


When I woke up this morning, I thought I’d take a trip to the Air Force base to see if they have The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide yet.  After checking the NEX, and two books stores on island, I still wasn’t having any luck finding the book.  Damn it… guess I won’t have it for the plane after all.  While at AAFES, I walked around, tried on a few pairs of shorts & capris, looked at shoes and then headed for the book section.  I didn’t have any luck finding my book, again.  In the little journal section I saw this adorable little book.  I’m a sucker for journals and thought I wouldn’t need it for a while, but it was too cute to not get.  I picked up another quilting magazine for the plane, a cookbook, and then headed for the cash register to pay.

Before leaving base, I decided to fill up our friend’s car with gas.  They’re off island and letting us borrow it, since our Jeeps are already in Hawaii.  I thought to myself, “I wonder if I should pick up a pregnancy test… you never know.”  Just after getting into the car, I heard my cell phone stop ringing.  I looked at it and saw Matt had just called.  I called him back… he was eating lunch after his last round of golf in Guam, and then would be on his way back to the hotel.  He asked me what I was up to.  I told him I had just finished pumping gas and I was going to head into the gas station and get a test.  He laughed and then said he’d see me soon.

I’m not a big church goer, but all the way back to the Westin I was asking God, please please please, let me be pregnant.

I had to pee pretty badly the whole way too, but I told myself to hold it…  I knew I’d want to take the test as soon as I got into our room.  Once in the room I ripped open the package and started reading the directions.  After taking several tests, which all resulted in negatives, the last few months I knew how to take a test but each brand is different.  You can either pee on the stick or pee in a cup and then hold the stick in it.  I opted to pee in the cup.  But what cup?  I looked all over the hotel room looking for something disposable to pee in but came up with nothing since it had just been cleaned.  There were two glasses in the bathroom though.  Should I???  Hell… then I did.  I peed in the glass then opened my iPhone’s stopwatch and held the stick in it for 20 second.  After that I put the little cap onto the stick and then reset the stopwatch and started it again.  I watched the stopwatch until it hit 2 minutes and then looked at the test.  It was positive.  While reading the instructions it stated that it didn’t matter how dark the line was making it a + sign.  If it at all has the horizontal line, you are pregnant.


 2011-04-17 2


I immediately started bawling my eyes out, saying “Thank you God.  Thank you God”.  I couldn’t believe it.  Even now, as I’m writing this I can’t believe it.  I immediately had to tell someone.  Matt wasn’t home yet and every person I called wasn’t answering.  I called my sister, my three best friends Liz, Fay, and Emily.  Emily was on Skype but was talking with her husband.  She said she’d be able to talk in a little bit.

I was eventually able to talk to Liz, Emily & my sister, all before Matt even came home.  They were all soooo excited and happy for me.  Matt and I had finally done it.  I was Skyping with Liz and talking to my sister on the phone, yes at the same time, when Matt got back clubs in tow.  I waited for him to bring his clubs in and then hung up the phone with my sister.  He asked, “Who were you on the phone with?”  “Janelle, she’s crying.”  I said.  “Why?” He asked.  Then I said, with a huge smile on my face… “Because, (in a whisper) I’m pregnant.”

He immediately pulled me into his arms and said, “Hoyahh”.  LOL…….

Liz was still on Skype and squealed… I wanted to immediately run and get another test to confirm it.  Yes, I know, I had a positive test, but I felt I needed another one to make it real.


Matt jumped in the shower and once he was out, and ready to go, we were on our way to Kmart to get another test.  I got the Clear Blue Ease digital test.  I took the test the same way I did the first one… with the same glass.  It reads in the directions that “results may be shown in as little as 1 minute.”  Ha ha ha….  My positive showed up in 36.5 seconds.  I think I’m definitely pregnant. (smiling big)


I can't wait to share our news, but I will!!! | JessicaFawn.com


I’ve decided to not tell anyone else, other than those I’ve already told, just in case.  I’m not even going to say anything more, as I don’t want to jinx myself.

Matt and I planned on taking our COTs (Continuous Overseas Tours) leave this fall.  I think we’ll be taking it sooner than that so we can share our news with family in person.  🙂  I can’t wait to share our news, but I will!!!


Just in case you’re wondering, “Um, you said you weren’t going to say anything but you’re posting it in your blog.”. I didn’t actually publish this post until after I told everyone I wanted to in person. 🙂

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts about our little growing peanut.







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