Home Sweet Home and so much to share…

I’m home and oh-so-happy to be.  I won’t say I didn’t enjoy my trip… I did.  After a while you just want to be home and that is definitely the case here.

I have so much to share about my trip…  I had a blast with my girlfriend Fay and really enjoyed my time with my family.

Janelle and I visited my Grandma and Dad the Thursday after I arrived.  We planned on staying the night in my Grandma’s old master bedroom but it’s upstairs without AC and the windows didn’t let much cool air in.

My family is so happy that Matt and I are FINALLY trying to have a baby.  We started talking about names and I’m not even pregnant yet (yeah… I know I know… I’m just so excited that we’re trying).  To give Matt’s Great Aunt Hattie a namesake, we’re looking at names that begin with the letter H.  Grandma had a baby name book so we started looking at it for names I liked.  My sister started calling them out… Harry, Henry, Hank…. No, No, NO.  It was fun.  Then she came across Hector.  Initially I said no because I didn’t like the name for us and then Janelle said “Hector Schecter”.  We all laughed soooo sooo hard.  No, NO, NOOOOO.

Soon our visit was over and it was time to head back to the Edmonds side of the water.

Saturday I went to a Mariners game with Janelle, Fay, and Stephanie (a friend I met on Twitter).  I had purchased special tickets to the game because Safeco Field was having a special Vampire Night.  You know I’m a tad obsessed with vamps so it was perfect!!!  There was a special Vampire Happy Hour prior to the game with vampire inspired food (garlic fries and blood-red drinks), merchandise for sale, and the Forks High School cheerleaders even danced to a song from the Twilight soundtrack.  They even had Alice Cullen & Edward Cullen impersonators to take pictures with.

Home Sweet Home and so much to share… | JessicaFawn.com
Before finding our seats we stopped to get some Shishkaberrys.  What are Shishkaberrys?  They are various berries put onto a stick, like shish-kabobs, then dipped in chocolate and nuts (if you so desire).   They are soooooo soooooo soooooo good.  Soon the first pitch was being thrown by “Edward” (the same guy that took pictures with fans at the Vampire Happy Hour).  Now this was a little disappointing because if they knew Twilight they would know Alice always pitched.  🙂
Home Sweet Home and so much to share… | JessicaFawn.com
Home Sweet Home and so much to share… | JessicaFawn.com
All the people who purchased the Vampire Night tickets sat in the same section so we were able to meet other fans.  Two of which were dressed like Bella Swan & Alice Cullen.  They did a really good job.  Safeco should have hired them.
Home Sweet Home and so much to share… | JessicaFawn.com
The Mariners lost the game but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves.  After the game we walked to Starbucks and then to the ferry terminal where Fay caught a ride home.
Matt and I are going to dinner and a comedy show tonight and it’s almost time to leave so I’ll be sure to come back and post more about my trip soon.
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