Haven’t written in a while…

Its been a while since I’ve written so I thought I’d write a little tonight and then some more tomorrow when I have more time and I’m not so tired.
Matt and I are almost done getting dive certified and we’re really excited because Scuba Diving in Guam is huge and most divers wish they could visit Guam and we’re here for a while so why not, right?
Matt had been certified years ago when he was stationed in Hawaii. He stopped diving after moving to WA because… well its cold and I’m sure there are some cool things to see but it’s just different. We went from cold weather to colder weather in CT so he never picked it back up. After 9 years he thought he’d take the course with me to refresh himself and knew I’d love it… well I do and we haven’t even gone far yet.
We’ve had 2 days of water activities and we have our third on Saturday. Today I finished all of the skills I needed to dive so Saturday will be nothing but fun stuff.
Parts were hard… but I’ll get into that more tomorrow when I’m not so tired…. Why am I so tired you might ask?
Well along with learning to dive I’m also watching my friend Candy’s little one, Kyton, again. She’s in Hawaii with her husband while he’s going to school for two weeks. I’ll only have him for about a week and a half but it’s still exhausting. Like before, I’m enjoying the practice, but let me tell you what… I am really enjoying when he’s down for a nap too.
Well that’s all I’ll write for now. I promise to write more tomorrow as I have so much to write about.







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