Happy he is home…

Yesterday, my hubby finally came home.  Today I surprised him with 36 holes of golf.  He’s now passed out on the couch and its so sweet to watch him sleep, while our mini Dachshund, Tess, is curled up right next to him, also passed out.  He has such a huge passion for golf and what better way to welcome him home then with such a big surprise.  It just happens to be Father’s Day today too, so he got to play with some of our great friends too.  Needless to say, he’ll sleep very well tonight as will, knowing he’ll be home for a while.

I mentioned telling you more about the big frustrating day with the explosive ordnance mess.  Well now that my husband has safely made it home, you’ll understand why it was even more frustrating knowing he was coming home at the same time that all the mess was happening.  He usually comes home, cleans up a bit and then takes a nap, as the day is usually a long one when they’re coming home.  Not yesterday.  He couldn’t come home until everything was taken care of.

Thankfully the all clear was given much sooner than expected.  🙂

All is well and we’re extremely content.

Happy Father’s Day too all Dads!!!

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