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On this Mother’s Day, I want to talk about good ol’ Social Media for a tiny, itsy-bitsy minute. Mainly Facebook, but social media in general. Sadly, our house is full of germs so we’re taking a bit of a rain-check on celebrating Mother’s Day so my men can rest up and get better.

Since signing up for my very first social media account (MySpace) years ago, I’ve loved almost every thing it’s added to my life. Easily keeping in contact with family and friends living thousands of miles away. Celebrating BIG life moments, whether it’s an engagement, wedding, or new baby on the way, it’s like I’m right there with you. Finding encouraging articles you recommend. Sharing what’s happening in our life with everyone we care about. Encouraging friends and family that need it and making others laugh when they need to as well. Organizing last-minute cookouts or playdates. Even an occasional deep discussion with a small group where we can keep each other accountable and on the same page.

Where else can one share all of this with everyone they know?

Social media IS awesome.  Almost.

It’s all falling a bit flat for me. It’s become a place for me to waste a large amount of time. Compare myself and measure myself against others (and fall short). As I spend time (let’s be truthful here, lots and lots and LOTS of time) scrolling mindlessly through my news feed, I end up feeling jealous, discontent, annoyed, distracted. So utterly distracted. Distracted from my son and his needs (yes, sad, but so very true) and his interests. Distracted from my husband, the man I have so very little time with as it is.

Most of it just isn’t working for me anymore.

I’ve tried limiting my time on Facebook. Even weeded through my feed and hid people I really didn’t care to see posts from. I still end up watching valuable seconds, minutes, hours, fly by. So, I’m quitting Facebook. Cold turkey.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried this before and it didn’t stick. Since trying, I’ve experienced some not so fun things and those very things have given me the much-needed push to hit the delete button again and hold myself to it. I am scared of missing out and being left out. I was scared I would be forgotten because I wouldn’t be in your news feed ALL THE TIME. But again, full disclosure here, I haven’t been posting all that much lately anyway in preparation for this deletion to take place.

Now let’s be real. It’s not as easy to keep in contact with friends and family without Facebook. Taking the time to write an email, make a phone call, or WOW send a letter via snail mail, sounds like much more effort but I’m willing to put in that effort for those I hold near and dear to me.

I will be keeping my Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

Why? Well, Pinterest is useful. I find countless recipes, tutorials, and other everyday helpful things there. I can’t part with Pinterest. Instagram I’ll keep because I enjoy sharing photos of my son and enjoy seeing everyone else’s photos. I don’t spend nearly as much time on either of these social media sites as I do with Facebook.

As soon as I made my decision to pull the plug on my Facebook account, I had a thousand thoughts racing through my head.

How will I connect with long-distance friends?

We did it somehow before Facebook, didn’t we, dammit? Yes we did.

How will I find anyone to meet me for coffee?

Hmmm. There’s this thing call a phone you can talk through and text messaging is another way. Silly girl.

How will I know what’s happening in my friends’ lives?

See previous answers.

Will I ever be invited to anything ever again?

Of course, I will. Not having a Facebook account is NOT the end of the world.

How will I alert everyone that I just wrote another blog post (and how will I get feedback on what I write)?

I’ll still have my Pinterest and Instagram to help with this and there still happens to be a little comment section under each blog post, right? Why yes there is.

I really could go on and on and on. Facebook really has quite a strangling grip on me so no more. I’m done.
I haven’t changed.

Scratch that. I have. I have in that I value each and every relationship I have. I’d rather have a deeper connection with each of you than nurture our friendships with a measly post on Facebook. That’s going to happen without Facebook.

Let’s connect through email, Skype, Face Time or even this blog. Looky there… a nice little spot to leave a comment is right at the end of the post. We can connect via phone too, or snail mail. I always love getting real mail, not all that junk that ends up going right in the trash on my way back into the house after checking the mailbox. And last but one of the very best ways is bumping into you. While it isn’t as easy to do that with so many of you since we’re constantly moving around all the time, I still thoroughly enjoy every moment of real world connection with my friends and family. It’s truly the best way.

I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually is. I’m glad I’ve taken the leap and done it.

Have you wanted to give up Social Media?

On a much happier note… I just got notification that my Stitch Fix has shipped so stay tuned for that post coming later this week. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Good-bye Facebook

  1. Marie says:

    Very good post! I completely agree w/ how you were feeling in regards to reading status updates, etc on face book. I never have deleted my account but I have limited my time on face book and I do still occasionally post and sometimes I do still sit there and scroll to see what’s going on but I have stopped spending so much time on face book. It’s amazing how you can get on there look at things and still be on there hours later. I don’t have little ones so most of my scrolling happens when the kiddos are at school but I completely understand your post and agree! Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Jessica!

    • JessicaFawn says:

      Thanks Marie. It’s so nice to see someone is reading my posts, especially this one.
      Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you too!!!

      🙂 Jess

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