Gone, Again…

Well the holidays are finally over and Matt has left again… I will now continue to lead my “B” life. Taking care of my dogs, aka the kids, eating differently, hanging out with my girlfriends, and of course taking care of all the Family Support Group stuff. Elections for the FRG will be in the summer so I won’t be doing that for much longer. I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s a lot of work. I don’t see myself running for Co-Chair again. It’s too much work with very little reward.
I’ll be returning to school shortly. I’ll be finishing my associates and then returning again for a Bachelor’s Degree in History. I hope to get a job with a local school as a substitute teacher to get some experience teaching. Hopefully that experience will guide me in choosing whether I want to teach or not later after getting my degree. I love kids but so many factors are involved in todays teachers lives. Teachers don’t just teach anymore.

Well I’m off to have a bowl of cereal… I told you I eat differently. HA HA HA

I’ll write more soon.







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