Getting practice…

I’ve been dubbed “mommy for the week”. One of my dear friends has left island for a week and I offered to watch her 15 month old little boy. His name is Kyton (kite-in). He’s a great little boy. I have a new appreciation for those that have children… although I will have time to build up to all the energy of a 15 month old, I’m enjoying the little guy. He’s teething so he get fussy a lot but it passes. He loves to be held which I’m not used to having a little person constantly attached to my hip. The minute I put him down he starts to cry. He had to cry for a little while so I could make him some breakfast, lunch, and dinner… but he felt better once I was giving him the food. We’ve cuddled a lot which is so sweet. He’s a very good cuddler but I know Tess and Jack are getting jealous as my lap and love is usually only for them when their daddy is gone. I thought they would take it much worse than they are. They are doing so good… Tess will be four this year and Jack is just over a year so when it comes time for Matt and I to have a little one of our own at least I know they won’t totally freak out like I thought they would.

Well I’d better enjoy the time I have to myself while he’s sleeping.

I’ll write more soon.







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