Damn Cough…

I had an annoying cold about three weeks ago… which I get quite often here in Guam. About a week after getting it, all of the cold was gone except a nasty cough that was more annoying than anything else. I’ve had it for just over two weeks now and this weekend the “Doc” from Matt’s boat, Chris, a great man, yelled at me to go to the doctor.
So I did. I went yesterday and now have to take a tiny little pill three times a day and use an inhaler twice a day, both of them for the next month. My doctor said that if my cough is still around after the month of meds I will have to come back in for chest x-rays… Needless to say I was worried and still am a little but I’ll just take my medicine like a good girl and hope this annoying cough finds a new home.







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