READING Lots and lots of blogs.  I’m so far behind on so much of my blog reading.  WRITING  An upcoming blog post about my recent trip home.  It was good to see so many wonderful people I’ve missed, but it’s great to be home and getting back into our normal routine again.  LISTENING Talk radio… I really should turn it off because it’s just making me mad. THINKING  I can’t wait for Matt to get home.  SMELLING  Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy yumminess.  WISHING  I had a drama free family.  But does that even exist?  HOPING  For orders back to CT next time we PCS.  WEARING  My favorite jeans (which really need to be thrown away but I can’t part with them) and a t-shirt.  LOVING  How my little man smiles at me.  He’s truly the sweetest kid.  WANTING  A H-U-G-E cupcake with my besties Liz and Fay.   NEEDING  More time in the day.  FEELING  Tired, but more rested then a week ago.  CLICKING  On various projects I’ve been working on to post in my Etsy shop.







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