coupons for military families

Relocating overseas is a difficult financial transition. I speak from experience since I’ve lived in Guam now for two and a half years while my husband is attached to the USS City of Corpus Christi. Our active duty military and their families find stretching their dollars a real challenge sometimes, even more so than those who are based in the U.S.

I’m starting to collect coupons for our local Fleet & Family Support Center. If you are interested in participating in the collection of unused and expired coupons to help our military families based in Guam, here is a small list of ideas that can help get you started.

  • Post announcements in your company cafeteria or employee lounge and place a box for the coupons to be kept.
  • Involve the members of any organization or clubs you may belong to such as your Senior Citizens Center, Garden Center, Book Club, Women’s or Men Groups, etc., and get them involved in your efforts.
  • If you are a teacher, use this as a project for your classes challenging your students to collect as many as possible. Offer a plaque of achievement to the class that collects the most.
  • Solicit your fellow Church or Synagogue members to join in your cause!

You can only imagine the huge task it’ll be sorting and bundling the coupons that are sent to me but I find it’ll be well worth it when I think about all the money fellow military families will be saving.

Please email me at info(at)jessicafawndesigns(dot)com to get the address to send your coupons.







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