A new kind of wine club!

This holiday season, treat yourself or give a gift that can be enjoyed for months to come. 🎁

The Scout & Cellar Wine Club delivers Clean-Crafted™ wine right to your door, as well as access to exclusive labels and never-before-seen content from our winery and farmers!

What are you getting your…
• Adult children?
• Parents?
• Grandparents?
• In-laws?
• Clients?
• Realtor?
• Doctor/Dentist office?
• Your favorite people?

You choose:
• Frequency of deliveries – monthly, bimonthly or quarterly
• Number of bottles – 4, 6 or 12
• Varietal – red, white or mixed

I do the rest! I’d love to be your wine gal and help you with your gift shopping!

Spread the joy of Clean-Crafted™ wine all year long. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

… a bittersweet morning

It’s our the last morning waking up to this beautiful view. The sun always gives us such beautiful light and warmth here. Saying goodbye to this view is oh-so-bittersweet. We’ll miss all of the fun we had in this backyard. The dogs playing. The snow falling. The baby goats playing in the farm yard behind our shed. So so many memories.

We’ll be making new memories soon in our new place, wherever we land, but saying farewell to our Gay Hill home is leaving me emotional. It’s hard to put into words…

It’s certainly a bittersweet morning.


My favorite season. It’s here and will be gone again, so quick. So I’ll enjoy every moment of it while I can.

What is your favorite season?

Ombudsman Appreciation

September is always a special month in our Navy family. We celebrate our Ombudsman. The amazing volunteers take on a huge role in helping our Navy families when their sailors are underway or deployed. Last night we celebrated Ombudsman Appreciation Day. It’s always a special day, and we like to celebrate all month long. I was asked to make a special piece for one of our Ombudsman. Now that she’s received the gift, I’m happy to finally be able to share a time-lapse video of the painting process. To all serving, those who served, and future Ombudsmen, Matt and I thank you, for all you do.

Change is good…

Change is REALLY, REALLY good.

I’m grateful for the self transformation I’ve made to get where I am now… and every version of me along the way. I’m not even close to the final version.

I’m here to embrace it all.

The good.

The bad.

The ugly.

The wins.

The failures.

And every single time I decided to get up again and keep trying.

Chasing dreams is beautifully messy… and if your dreams are big enough it will require a whole new version of YOU.

Embrace it! Let’s go!