Beautiful Guam…

I woke up this morning trying to get myself into a routine of running three times a week. Before starting my run, I took the dogs out and checked my email. While taking the dogs out I noticed some beautiful weeds growing in the grass. Of course by the time I remembered to take a picture of them they had already closed up. They only grow and bloom when the grass is getting long enough to mow. So of course they are mowed along with the grass and gone. I’ll try and catch them on film tomorrow morning. But in the mean time I took a picture of my hibiscus. The blooms are so pretty. I picked up this one first and a second that will bloom soon. They grow so nicely. The second picture is of a “flame” tree in our back yard. The bright red/orange blooms last for a short time once a year and then the tree is green and sometimes bare.

Enjoy and I’ll write more again soon.








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